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Doganay Turnip Juice Mild (1 lt)

Doganay Turnip Juice Mild (1 lt)
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Doganay Turnip Juice Mild (1 lt)
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Doganay Turnip Juice Mild, the main food turnip radish, purple carrot, water, salt and whole wheat bulgur. It is a healthy, nutritious and delicious beverage obtained by fermenting with whole wheat bulgur for 30-40 days. It is an indispensable drink of kebabs especially with its pleasant flavor left in the mouth.

Water, Purple carrot, Salt, Bulgur (wheat product), Turnip radish, Preservative (sodium benzoate)

All About Şalgam;


 Turnip is a winter vegetable belonging family of Brassicaceae. There are two types of turnips, moreover; şalgam is produced from the popular and grown beet type. Also, şalgam in English means turnip juice. Even though şalgam in English means turnip juice, there are many different elements in şalgam. Hence, şalgam in English is not just turnip juice. Furthermore, looking at the history of salgam drink, there is no definite information about where the first salgam was made. However, it is thought that salgam drink was first made in Asia. Furthermore, salgam drink owns of great importance for Turkish people. Salgam drink was first consumed to prevent disease. Later, salgam increased its popularity. Salgam drink is mainly produced in Adana, Mersin, and Hatay that the cities of Turkey. The ingredients used by salgam drink producers, the proportions of these ingredients, and the fermentation process create different flavors. Moreover, spicy and not spicy varieties are also produced. Salgam drink was introduced to the world after the Second World War, and today şalgam has become a beverage loved not only by Turkish people but also by everyone. Furthermore, the thing that made salgam drink popular for Turkish people before it spread to the world is its harmony with Turkish cuisine and dishes. Especially in the Adana city, salgam drink gained popularity due to its harmony with Turkish kebab and serving it together. Salgam drink, also known as Ottoman juice, will continue to be a popular beverage with its unchanging flavor from past to present. Şalgam which also known as Ottoman juice maintains its ingredients and flavor in the same way today.


All About Salgam Turkish Drink Recipe;


 One of the most popular drinks of the winter season is turnip juice. Turnip juice possesses a red color, sour and salty flavor. There are also spicy varieties of Turkish salgam available upon request. Furthermore, the ingredients used in the recipe for turnip juice Turkey are turnip, purple carrot, salt, sugar, bread dough, and water. Besides, hot pepper can be added to the Turkish salgam if desired. Also, Turkish bulgur is added in some Turkish salgam recipes to add consistency to the turnip juice Turkey. The process of making turnip juice Turkey is similar to making pickles. The difference in making Turkish salgam is the dough and Turkish bulgur added for the fermentation of the product. For the production of shalgam juice, the vegetables are washed, chopped, and added. Then the ingredients for fermentation are added to the vegetables according to the shalgam juice recipe. As the final step, the preparation of shalgam juice is completed with the addition of water, spices, sugar, and salt. For the shalgam juice to ferment, the ingredients need to ferment for about two weeks. Shalgam juice which fermentation is completed is ready to drink either in granular form or in a filtered form. Shalgam juice which harmonizes perfectly with meat dishes is one of the most preferred drink as shalgam is very tasty and nutritious.


All About Salgam Health Benefits;


 In addition to the rich aromatic taste of shalgam, its very nutritious and health benefits are also attract notice. Among the turnip juice benefits, the presence of many vitamins is the main one. These vitamins are very important for the protection of eye and heart health. Another turnip juice benefit is it helps to protect dental health since shalgam possesses calcium in it. Furthermore, one of the turnip juice benefits is that shalgam is good for the digestive system. Moreover, one of the most important salgam health benefits is that shalgam contains many antioxidants. Many features stand out among the salgam health benefits, furthermore; these features increase the popularity of shalgam. Besides, salgam Turkish drink which owns many health benefits possesses an energizing feature. In addition, a spicy salgam Turkish drink helps those who have difficulty in gaining weight with its appetizing feature. Fermented turnip juice production has accelerated with the salgam health benefits and the fact that salgam Turkish drink is a delicious beverage. Besides, brands specializing in the production of salgam Turkish drink produce both spicy and different varieties of fermented turnip juice. Especially the sugar-free fermented turnip juice type is a more beneficial option for the body. Furthermore, the low calorie and nutritious natüre of fermented turnip juice is also a positive feature for those who pay attention to their weight or desire to lose weight. A glass of fermented turnip juice is only 10 calories. Consequently, salgam Turkish drink has become one of the most popular drinks owing to salgam health benefits and delicious taste. Besides, salgam Turkish drink contains few calories. Salgam Turkish drink is a good accompaniment to many dishes with its sour, earthy taste. Moreover, you can try to make fermented turnip juice at home or you can get many varieties of turnip juice from the markets. Hence, salgam Turkish drink is one of the delicious Turkish beverages with its beneficial side and aromatic taste.


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