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Sifalikoy Dried Eggplant (25 pcs)

Sifalikoy Dried Eggplant (25 pcs)
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Sifalikoy Dried Eggplant (25 pcs)
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Sifalikoy Dried Eggplant (25 pcs) brings the eggplant, which is a summer vegetable, to your table in winter, by drying it naturally. Eggplant is a very nutritious food. You can consume it by heating it. You can serve it with yogurt. Dried Eggplant facilitates and speeds up the process of making stuffed with rice. It has been dried by traditional methods.

Dried Eggplant

All About Dried Eggplant;


 Additively being a uniquely flavored vegetable used in many dishes, eggplant is also preferred for various flavors such as jams, stuffed dishes, and pickles. One of the most beautiful uses of eggplant is dried eggplant. Dried eggplant is a multi-purpose product obtained by drying fresh eggplant under suitable conditions. While making dried eggplant, some processes are used to minimize the water content in the eggplant. Dried eggplant goes through the drying process according to which dish dried eggplant will be used. Furthermore, there is more than one method that can be preferred for making dried eggplant. For example, the oven temperature can be used for making eggplant. Nevertheless, the most traditional method is sun dried eggplant. Eggplants are cut as the desired shape, kept in salted water, and prepared for sun drying process for sun dried eggplant production. Moreover, a region that does not receive rain and moisture is the most ideal for sun dried eggplant. Also, sun dried eggplant is often used in main dishes.


 Dried eggplant recipes are quite diverse. Besides, dried eggplant is a product that is loved and consumed both main courses and as a snack. One of the delicious snacks of dry eggplant is dried eggplant chips. Dried eggplant chips consumed as a snack is both a very tasty and healthy choice. Dried eggplant chips recipe can be made both by frying and baking in the oven. Nonetheless, oven-baked dried eggplant chips are less oily and healthier than fried ones. Apart from snacks, using dried eggplant in the main dishes creates great flavor. For example, eggplant sun dried tomato pasta is one of the dishes that dried eggplant suits best. For those who are bored with classic pasta recipes, eggplant sun dried tomato pasta is a delicacy that should be preferred. The eggplant sun dried tomato pasta recipe can be easily made by adding boiled dried eggplant into the classic tomato sauce. It is possible to breathe Italian scents at home with this delicious eggplant sun dried tomato pasta. 


 The most traditional taste of the dried eggplant recipes is stuffed dried eggplant. Stuffed dried eggplant is an extremely delicious dish that belongs to the southeast of Turkey. Besides, stuffed dried eggplant preparation is similar to the classic stuffed dish. First of all, it is necessary to have dried eggplant for stuffing for the stuffed dried eggplant dish. Making dried eggplant for stuffing is the same as making sun dried eggplant. The only difference in making dried eggplant for stuffing is the way the eggplants are cut. To make dried eggplant for stuffing, the eggplants are cut in half and the insides are completely removed. Hence, this dried eggplant for stuffing is produced for making stuffed dried eggplant. Also, the stuffed dried eggplant recipe can be made either with meat or vegetarian way. For the stuffed dried eggplant recipe, a filling must be made. The stuffed dried eggplant filling includes optionally meat, onion, rice, desired spices, parsley, dill, olive oil, Turkish pepper paste, and Turkish tomato paste salca. After the filling is done, dried eggplant skins are boiled in water until soft. Boiled dried eggplant skins are cooled by keeping them in cold water. The cooled dried eggplant skins are filled and placed in the pot. Then, the stuffed dried eggplant skins are cooked with some water and olive oil. After all these steps, the incredibly tasty stuffed dried eggplant dish is ready. 


 Apart from the sun dried eggplant recipes mentioned here, dried eggplant can be used in many various recipes. Sun dried eggplant recipes include pilafs, soups, meatballs and vegetable stuffing. At the same time, it is possible to reproduce sundried eggplant recipes according to creativity. Since sun dried eggplant suits many dishes and adds a different texture. Also, you can use the Şifalıköy dried eggplant brand for your sun dried eggplant recipes. Şifalıköy dried eggplant is dried by natural methods and contains 25 dried eggplant pieces. Besides, Şifalıköy dried eggplant is especially suitable for stuffed dried eggplant recipes. Local and online Turkish markets can be preferred to buy dried eggplant. Furthermore, Turkish markets stand out as the best choice for the buy dried eggplant, especially for stuffing. Consequently, you can use this delicious product in your meals by buying dried eggplant. Since many delicious dishes can be prepared from dried eggplant. 


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