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Tadım Sunflower Seeds (340 gr)

Tadım Sunflower Seeds (340 gr)
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Tadım Sunflower Seeds (340 gr)
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Tadım offers you many different delicious dried nuts. Nuts that are collected fresh and passed through the necessary processes are packaged. You just have to enjoy it. Decorate your tables with delicious nuts and spice up your conversations. Besides their delicious taste, they are also nutritious and you can add them to every meal. They will increase your energy.

Tadım Sunflower Seeds is the indispensable snack of tea times and conversations. You can add fun and joy to your evenings with a bowl of sunflower seeds. You can also easily consume it wherever you want.

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All About Sun Flower Seed;


‘What is Ay Cicek Cekirdegi?’, ‘Where Do Sun Flower Seeds Grow?’, ‘What is the Origin of Sun Flower Seeds?’, ‘What does the Sequence of Sun Flower Seeds Mean in Mathematics?’, ‘What Kind of Recipes Can Be Made with Ay Cicek Cekirdegi?’, ‘What is Tadım Ay Cekirdegi?’, ‘What is the Calorie Content of Tadım Ay Cekirdegi Kalori?’, ‘How to Find Sun Flower Seed Near Me?’, and ‘How to Search Sun Flower Seed Near Me?’


 Sun flower seed which is a nut grows as the fruit of the sun flower plant.The origin of sun flower seed which is also used in oil production dates back to North Africa. Besides, sun flower seeds are obtained from the seeds of the sun flower whose scientific name is Helianthus annuus. The sunflower which is the plant of the sun slower seed is associated with the sun in the many languages of the world. The reason for this is that the petals of the sun flower are yellow, moreover; sun flower turns their face to the sun. Nevertheless, in Turkish sun flower is identified with the moon. Besides, sun flower seeds is called ‘ay cekirdegi’ in Turkish. There are 40 different varieties of ay cekirdegi. Furthermore, a significant amount of oil is obtained from ay cekirdegi in the world and in Turkey. Oil production from ay cekirdegi is very active in Turkey, especially in the Marmara region. Besides, the production of ay cekirdegi which is grown for oil production in Turkey is around 70% in the Thrace and Marmara region. The reason for this is to provide the necessary growing conditions for ay cekirdegi. For the ay cekirdegi to grow properly, many criteria such as irrigation, planting, soil compatibility, and sunlight are taken into consideration. Furthermore, scientifically the arrangement of the ay cicek cekirdegi has been equated by the mathematician Vogel. Accordingly, those who are curious about the mathematical spiral formula of the ay cicek cekirdegi can also examine Vogel’s statements.


 Ay cicek cekirdegi are added to many bakery recipes, besides; being loved and consumed as a nut. Many bread recipes, cookies, meatballs with sun flower seeds, smoothies, bars, and bowls can be made with ay cicek cekirdegi. The sun flower seed cookie recipe is both very simple to make and very delicious with the intense ay cicek cekirdegi ratio it contains. The ingredients needed for the ay cicek cekirdegi cookie recipe are 1 glass of Turkish yogurt, 125 g of margarine, 1 tea glass of sun flower seed oil, salt, baking powder, 2 eggs, sugar according to the desired sweetness ratio, 4 glasses of flour, and ay cicek cekirdegi according to the desired amount. First, all the wet ingredients are mixed for the ay cicek cekirdegi cookie recipe. Then the dry ingredients such as baking powder and flour are added to the wet mixture. Finally, the desired amount of ay cicek cekirdegi is added to the mixture, and the desired flat shape is given by hand. Cookies with ay cicek cekirdegi baked at 180 degrees for 20 minutes are ready to be served. 


 Ay cicek cekirdegi go well with salty flavors as well as with sweet products. The tiny sun flower seed cracker recipe is a great snack that gives a feeling of satiety. The tiny sun flower seed cracker recipe is made with very few ingredients. These are 3 tablespoons of butter, 1 glass of milk, dry yeast, half glass of water, granulated sugar, salt, 4 glasses of flour, and the desired amount of ay cicek cekirdegi. According to the tiny sun flower seed cracker recipe, all the ingredients are mixed, fermented, shaped, and left for the second fermentation. The final stage is the baking process. The sun flower seed crackers are baked a 200 degrees for about half an hour. After all the stages are done, the tiny sun flower seed crackers are ready to be served. Apart from these recipes, ay cicek cekirdegi can be used in many different recipes according to creativity. Besides, sun flower seed eating is a very tasty and healthy choice. When sun flower seed is eaten, they rejuvenate the skin and very beneficial for brain health. Also, ay cicek cekirdegi keeps the cholesterol level in balance when sun flower seed is eaten. Sun flower seed calorie level is high, however; consumed ay cicek cekirdegi is suitable for people on a diet since it contains many healthy fibers. 10 grams of sun flower seed calories are about 58. Thus, the healthy fats and fibers in sun flower seed help to lose weight when consumed with portion control. When it comes to sun flower seed, Tadım ay cekirdegi comes to mind. Besides, Tadım ay cekirdegi is one of the leading sun flower seed brands with many different varieties Tadım ay cekirdegi contains. Although Tadım ay cekirdegi kalori seem high, Tadım ay cekirdegi contain plenty of healthy fat and fiber. Thus, Tadım ay cekirdegi is suitable for everyone. Even though the Tadım ay cekirdegi kalori seems high, Tadım ay cekirdegi helps to lose weight when consumed with portion control. Local and online markets are looked at to buy sun flower seeds. It is possible to use the ‘Sun flower seed near me’ pattern to buy sun flower seeds from the online market. By using ‘sun flower seed near me’ pattern, it is possible to use and consume sun flower seeds at home. 


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