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All About Ready Meals;


‘How to Consume Dardanel Ton Tuna?’, ‘What Recipes are Made with Stuffed Grape Leaves and Pea Carrot Potato Mix?’, ‘What to do with Tat Red Kidney Beans and Roasted Red Peppers?’, ‘Where is Pickled Jalapeno Peppers and Cornichon Can Be Used?’, ‘What are the Recipes Made with Roasted Eggplant and Cooked White Beans?’, ‘How to Make Picked Beets and Pickled Beetroot?’, ‘How to Make Stuffed Sun Dried Pepper with Using Dried Pepper?’, and ‘What is Balkan Valley Green Bean Consumed with?’


 Today, ready meals possess been a great savior. Besides, ready meals appeal to all tastes with their many varieties. Dardanel Ton Tuna is one of the ready meals that are very popular all over the world. Dardanel Ton Tuna is both a very popular brand and very practical in the selection of ready meals. Dardanel Ton Tuna can be consumed alone or added to other dishes to create a delicious combination. Pasta, salads, and pizzas can be given as examples of dishes to which Dardanel Ton Tuna can be added. It is also possible to make great sandwiches using Dardanel Ton Tuna. It is quite simple to make a delicious sandwich by mixing Dardanel Ton Tuna, corn, mayonnaise, cornichon, furthermore; placing them between fresh bread with some lettuce. Cornichon is one of the most important ready meals in sandwiches made in this style. Cornichon is found in almost every sandwich, moreover; cornichon's acidic taste suits any type of food. Besides, cornichon is widely consumed with fried chicken, wraps, meat dishes, and salads. When a little bit of spiciness is added into the acidic taste of cornichon, pickled jalapeno peppers are born. Pickled jalapeno peppers appeal to everyone with ist bitterness level. Pickled jalapeno pepper can be bought ready-made from online markets either it is possible to make pickled jalapeno pepper at home. First of all jalapeno peppers are cut into ring size to make pickled jalapeno peppers at home. Then the sauce consisting of vinegar, salt, garlic is boiled, and placed in jars with jalapeno peppers. Furthermore, pickled jalapeno peppers are ready to eat 15 days after making. The flavor can be increased by adding pickled jalapeno peppers to sandwiches, wraps, and hamburgers. 


 One of the most popular Turkish dishes is the sarma dish made with stuffed grape leaves. This delicious dish is made by stuffed grape leaves with meat, rice or olive oil, rice mixture, and wrapping them. Stuffed grape leaves are boiled lightly in water to make the sarma Turkish food. Then a mixture of minced meat, rice, desired spices, Turkish tomato paste, onion, and parsley is prepared. Furthermore, the mixture is wrapped in stuffed grape leaves and cooked. In this way, a very delicious dish can be made with stuffed grape leaves. Roasted red peppers are another delicious ready-to-eat dish. Also, many particular dishes and appetizers can be prepared with roasted red peppers. The first recipe that can be prepared with roasted red peppers is Turkish breakfast paste. The Turkish breakfast paste is created by mixing Turkish tomato paste, garlic, desired spices, roasted red peppers, soft cheese and parsley. The flavor of roasted red peppers is carried to breakfast tables with this recipe. Apart from this recipe, different salads, pasta sauces, and appetizers can be made with roasted red peppers. Another ready-to-eat dish is pea carrot potato mix. Moreover, there is no need for long chopping and boiling processes with pea carrot potato mix. The most well-known appetizer made with pea carrot potato mix is the Russian salad. Russian salad is one of the most popular appetizers that Turkish people make when guests come to their homes. The most important ingredient for making Russian salad is pea carrot potato mix. According to the Russian salad recipe, mayonnaise, cornichon, dill, a small amount of mustard, Turkish yogurt, desired spices, and pea carrot potato mix are mixed. Consequently, a new appetizer can be made so easy way. Many various recipes can be prepared with Tat Red Kidney Beans. Besides, Tat Red Kidney Beans can also be consumed with a little lemon juice as an appetizer. Salads, soups, appetizers with olive oil can be prepared with Tat Red Kidney Beans. Cooked white beans are another ready-to-eat meal. Cooked white beans are added to salads and consumed together with meatballs is a highly preferred method in Turkey. Besides, it is possible to make a nice main dish by combining cooked white beans with Turkish tomato paste, carrots, and potatoes. Furthermore, cooked white beans can also be added on top of rice for a nice combination. Balkan Valley Green Bean is a very delicious ready-to-eat dish that is ready to eat any time. Balkan Valley Green Bean can be consumed as a main course alongside cooked rice or as an appetizer. Balkan Valley Green Bean can create a very delicious meal idea with tomato sauce in it. 


 Stuffed sun dried pepper is a special recipe that is unique to Turkey. Furthermore, stuffed sun dried pepper is usually made during holidays. The ingredients needed for stuffed sun dried pepper recipe are dried pepper, rice, Turkish hot pepper paste, Turkish tomato paste, onion, desired spices, and olive oil. A mixture is made with all other ingredients except dried pepper according to stuffed sun dried pepper recipe. Afterward, dried pepper softened in hot water is filled with this mixture. Dried peppers are placed in a pot and cooked with some water. At the end of these stages, stuffed sun dried pepper is ready to serve. It is possible to consume stuffed sun dried pepper both as a main course and as an appetizer. Besides, the amount of bitterness of the stuffed sun dried pepper can be adjusted according to demand. Moreover, stuffed sun dried pepper can be served with Turkish yogurt. Roasted eggplant is a ready-to-eat dish that is widely used in appetizers, breakfasts, and main courses. Roasted eggplant can be mixed with Turkish yogurt and desired spices to make an appetizer. Moreover, roasted eggplant meatballs can be made from roasted eggplant. Ali Nazik kebab which is unique to Turkey is also made with roasted eggplant. According to the recipe, a sauce is prepared with Turkish yogurt, roasted eggplant, garlic, and the desired spices. Furthermore, meat cooked with Turkish tomato sauce is added on top of this roasted eggplant sauce. Apart from these recipes, salads, pasta sauces, breakfast sauces can be prepared with roasted eggplant. Another popular ready-to-eat dish is pickled beetroot. Pickled beetroot can be consumed with meals, besides; salads can be prepared with pickled beetroot. Beets, onions, grape vinegar, salt, garlic, coriander seeds, and black peppercorns are needed for the pickled beets recipe. According to the pickled beets recipe, after the beets are boiled for a short time, they are filled into jars with brine. Pickled beets can be made at home or purchased from online markets. Therefore, it is possible to prepare delicious meals easily with ready meals available in many varieties.

All About Turkish Cig Kofte;


 Turkish cig kofte is a very popular food made with various spices and Turkish bulgur which is the main ingredient of Turkish cig kofte. Besides, no cooking process is applied in making Turkish cig kofte. Furthermore, the most important process applied in Turkish cig kofte is the kneading process. Turkish cig kofte is kneading for a long time until all the ingredients are well combined. Especially the eastern provinces of Turkey are masters in making Turkish cig kofte. All of these cities own their unique Turkish cig kofte recipes. Moreover, there are two kinds of Turkish cig kofte recipes. These varieties are vegetarian cig kofte and cig kofte raw meat. Furthermore, vegetarian cig kofte is also called vegan cig kofte. The origin of cig kofte starts with cig kofte raw meat. According to legend, a hunter cut the deer meat that he hunted into small pieces and ground it 4000 years ago in the Adıyaman region. When there is no wood left to cook the ground meat at home, the hunter kneads this meat with bulgur and spices. Since the king forbade the light of the fire. In this way, cig kofte raw meat was born. 


 Cig kofte raw meat is a wonderful delicacy expertly made in the eastern cities of Turkey. Although there is meat in the cig kofte raw meat, it is made by kneading for a very long time without cooking. The ingredients of the cig kofte raw meat recipe are Turkish fine bulgur, minced meat, onion, garlic, Turkish tomato paste, Turkish pepper paste, tomatoes, fresh mint, fresh onion, parsley, lemon juice, and spices. The spices that are used in the cig kofte raw meat making are salt, black pepper, Turkish hot pepper isot, cumin, and paprika. The ingredients are cut into tiny pieces according to the cig kofte raw meat recipe. Moreover, all the cig kofte raw meat ingredients are kneaded for a long time together with the spices without any cooking process. Vegan cig kofte or vegetarian cig kofte is similar to cig kofte raw meat. Vegan cig kofte is made by kneading and does not require a cooking process just like cig kofte raw meat. The main difference is that vegan cig kofte does not contain any meat, as the name suggests. Vegan cig kofte is divided into spicy and non-spicy according to the spices put into vegan cig kofte. Hence, vegan cig kofte can be consumed with or without Turkish hot pepper isot depending on preference. 


 The ingredients of the vegetarian cig kofte recipe are Turkish fine bulgur, Turkish tomato paste, onion, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, hot water, olive oil, parsley, and desired spices. Since spices are added in the vegetarian cig kofte recipe depending on spicy or non-spicy. The vegetarian cig kofte recipe is kneaded for a long time just like the cig kofte raw meat recipe. After all the ingredients are mixed well together, the vegetarian cig kofte recipe is ready. Vegetarian cig kofte service style is quite diverse. Vegetarian cig kofte can be consumed either as a portion or as a wrap. Even though vegetarian cig kofte is known as a starter dish, it is very common to consume in the form of wraps. Since vegetarian cig kofte is a street flavor in Turkey. Vegetarian cig kofte wrap consists of lavash and fresh greens such as lettuce, parsley, mint, arugula. Furthermore, the best accompanying sauce with vegetarian cig kofte is lemon juice and pomegranate syrup. These sauces are optionally added to the vegetarian cig kofte wrap. 


 Another way to consume vegan cig kofte is in the form of portions. Fort his, vegan cig kofte mixture is cut into small pieces and shaped by hand. Moreover, vegan cig kofte is consumed with plenty of greens as in a vegetarian cig kofte wrap. The difference between vegetarian cig kofte wrap and a portion is that vegan cig kofte portion is single-bite. Also, portion vegan cig kofte is served with greens, lavash, pickles, pomegranate syrup, hot sauce, and lemon. Everyone creates the vegan cig kofte wrap according to their wishes with this feature about portion. Cig kofte New York City, cig kofte New Jersey, and cig kofte Las Vegas are both good appetizers and a nice starter alternative for those living there. Furthermore, cig kofte New York City, cig kofte New Jersey, and cig kofte Las Vegas can be selected as spicy or non-spicy, and also as a portion or wrap. If cig kofte in New York City, cig kofte in New Jersey, and cig kofte in Las Vegas is preferred as spicy, it accelerates metabolism. Thus, it is highly preferred in diets. Besides, cig kofte New York City, cig kofte New Jersey, and cig kofte Las Vegas consumed with many various types of greens. Consequently, you can quickly make his delicious appetizer recipe at home using ready-made vegan cig kofte kits, otherwise; you can buy it from experienced brands. Online markets can be preferred to try this tasty flavor which is both delicious street food and especially one of the most important appetizers in the kebab tables. Available in both portions and wraps, Turkish cig kofte is incredibly delicious both ways.

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