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Baklava & Kadaifi


Baklava, is an important dumpling that has a place in Turkish, Middle Eastern, Balkan and South Asian cuisines. It is made by placing walnuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts, depending on the region, between thin phyllo dough. It is generally sweetened with sugar syrup. Honey syrup can also be used. When baklava is put in the refrigerator, it quickly becomes sugary and loses its flavor. Instead, you can keep it fresh for up to 5 days without exposing it to sunlight in a cool, dry place. Baklava dessert is a dessert containing a lot of sugar, and therefore it is not a very correct storage method to store it in the refrigerator. Because when baked beans are put in the refrigerator, they will be sweetened much more quickly. In this case, it will spoil the unique taste of the baklava, that is, it will increase the sugar in the baklava excessively.

Therefore, when storing baklava, it should be preferred to store it in both dry and cool environments instead of the refrigerator.


Baklava recipe, First of all, the syrup of the dessert is prepared by boiling water and sugar in a saucepan. After boiling, it is boiled for 30 minutes on low heat and left to cool. Mix the dough ingredients in a deep bowl and knead the dough . 10 small pieces are obtained from the rested dough. It opens in the thinnest way you can open by sprinkling light starch on the counter. Throw away the excess starch from the dough and leave the dough opened at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Then the tray is oiled. 4 of the phyllo dough you have rolled are put on top of each other. Then, peanuts or peanuts are added on it and other layers are put on it. Baklava is cut into slices as you wish. Melted butter is also poured over it. Bake for about 1 hour in a preheated 180 degree oven until it is browned and cooked inside.



Baklava ingredients, are consist of 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of yogurt , 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 cup of warm water, 1 water glass measure of oil pinch of salt, flour as much. The materials required for sherbet are; It consists of 4 glasses of sugar, 5 glasses of water, a few drops of lemon juice.


Turkish baklava,  is one of the most popular desserts in Turkey. It is a very sweet dessert with syrup and a special dough called 'Sherbet'. It is very traditional to bring Baklava from Turkey to foreign people. Also, people in Turkey bring Baklava to their family and friends on various occasions. Baklava is also a traditional dessert for gatherings and Eid celebrations.


Pistachio baklava, is the most preferred type of baklava. Baklava is very difficult to make. Ingredients required for making pistachio baklava; 4 eggs, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of water, half a kilo of pistachios, 300 g of starch, 2 tea glasses of olive oil, butter, 6-7 glasses of flour. Among the ingredients to be prepared for pistachio baklava; 4 glasses of sugar, 4 glasses of water and optionally 1 spoon of lemon juice can be added. Making pistachio baklava; Some of the flour is put in a bowl and a pool is made in the middle, eggs, milk, water, olive oil are added and the pool formed with the flours on the sides is closed. A soft dough is prepared. Then small pieces are made (20 pieces). The pieces are kneaded with flour and brought to a consistency. The prepared pieces are opened, starch and flour are divided into them, and then the dough is rolled out. It is taken on a tray and peanuts are placed in it and given to the oven. It is cooked at 200 degrees.


Calories in baklava, the calorie of 100 grams of baklava is 433.95. Assuming you are on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, when you consume baklava with low-calorie greens, it has calories that can replace a meal. Baklava NYC, You don't need to go to Turkey to experience the amazing homemade baklava. Baklava will be offered to you by the nearest Hamle market.

All About Kadayif Dessert;


 Kadayif dessert is a very delicious dessert with syrup, besides; it is unique to Turkish cuisine. Even though the kadayif dessert has existed in Turkish cuisine for many years, its wonderful taste is among the desserts that have survived to the present day. Furthermore, the reason why the kadayif dessert has preserved its delicious taste from the past to the present shows how many Turkish people love this dessert. The main ingredient of kadayif dessert is kadayif. Moreover, looking at the history of kadayif, it has been in Turkish cuisine for a very long time. The history of kadayif food dates back to the Seljukians period. Besides, the kadayif recipe was documented during the principalities of that time. Afterward, kadayif food took its place in the Ottoman palace cuisine. Besides, kadayif dessert which is an Ottoman palace dessert is consumed today without changing its preparation. To make kadayif dessert, it is necessary to have kadayif food. Making kadayif food is a very technical and difficult task. To make kadayif food, kadayif dough must be made. The ingredients in kadayif dough are only flour, water, and starch. The ingredients for making kadayif dough are mixed well. Afterward, the kadayif dough is rested. Then, kadayif dough is poured into thin strips on the hot sheet with special molds. Besides, kadayif dough which is made into thin strips is dried here. Kadayif food purchased from the Turkish local markets or online Turkish markets is made in this way. Kadayif food is a complex delicacy that is very difficult to make at home. However, this flavor can be obtained from online markets with the ‘kadayif near me’ mold. Furthermore, the kadayif food supplied with the ‘kadayif near me’ mold is ready to use in sweet and savory recipes. 


All About Kadayif Recipe;


 The requirements for the Turkish kadayif recipe are kadayif food, butter, desired nuts, and sherbet. Furthermore, sugar, water, and lemon juice are used to make the sherbet used in the Turkish kadayif recipe. According to the Turkish kadayif recipe, the kadayif foods are blended with melted butter and spread on the tray. Desired nuts are added to the layers and these layers are covered with kadayif food. After all the layers are completed, the kadayif food is cooked in the oven. Cold Turkish kadayif sherbet is poured over the kadayif food that comes out of the oven, according to the Turkish kadayif recipe. Turkish kadayif is ready to serve after these steps. Accordingly, Turkish kadayif is a delicious and syrupy dessert that requires few ingredients and takes little effort to make. Moreover, Turkish kadayif can be prepared with any desired nuts. Although the Turkish kadayif recipe is suitable for every nut, the most popular ones are pistachio and walnut. Besides, Turkish kadayif is very tasty with any type of nuts. Kadayif in English is translated as oven-baked thin strip-shaped dough pieces filled with pistachios. Furthermore, kadayif in English can also be described as a Turkish dessert with sherbet. 


All About Ekmek Kadayif and Armenian Kadayif Recipe;


 There is also ekmek kadayif among the types of Turkish kadayif. Ekmek kadayif is a dessert with syrup just like Turkish kadayif, however, kadayif food is not used in the recipe for ekmek kadayif. In the ekmek kadayif recipe, a cake containing molasses is prepared and this cake is soaked in a sauce with molasses. After that, sherbet is added to ekmek kadayif, as in Turkish kadayif. Ekmek kadayif is a delicious dessert like Turkish kadayif. Since both desserts have similarities, they are both called kadayif, even though kadayif food is not used in ekmek kadayif. Especially during the holidays, both ekmek kadayif and Turkish kadayif are made and consumed at home. Also, ekmek kadayif is served with ice cream or Turkish cream. Consequently, both ekmek kadayif and Turkish kadayif are very tasty and alternative to each other. Another delicious dessert prepared using kadayif food is Armenian kadayif. Kadayıf food is used in the Armenian kadayif recipe, as in the Turkish kadayif recipe. However, the difference of the Armenian kadayif recipe is the cream filling in kadayif food. Besides, this filling can be prepared with whipped cream or pastry cream according to the Armenian kadayif recipe. Kadayif foods are fried in the oven for a crispy texture and kadayif syrup is poured over them in the Armenian kadayif recipe. Then, kadayif foods are filled with creamy filling. Also, the Armenian kadayif recipe can be made as desired. It can be served by pouring the cream filling on the kadayif food made on the tray, otherwise; the round cream filling can be covered with kadayif food. Moreover, it is also possible to add the desired nuts to it during the service. Thus, it is possible to translate kadayif in English as finely cut phyllo dough. Although products made with kadayif food appear only as dessert recipes, kadayif food can be added to many recipes. Today, kadayif food is not only used in desserts but also savory recipes. Besides, online markets or local markets can be preferred to find kadayif near me. Many delicious recipes can be prepared with the kadayif food, furthermore; it is possible to choose from them according to desire and taste. 

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