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‘What does the Evil Eye Mean?’, ‘What is the Evil Eye?’, ‘What is Evil Eye?’, and ‘What does Evil Eye Mean?’


 The evil eye owns an ancient history and culture of thousands of years. Even though the first appearance of the evil eye is not certain, it is known that the evil eye is in many beliefs. It is possible to give some information about the history of the evil eye origin. Moreover, it is possible to tell about the recent history of the evil eye origin by looking at the culture of glasswork. The origin of glasswork started and developed in and around the Mediterranean. It was later colored by the Egyptians. Furthermore, glasswork in Turks dates back to the Seljuk period. Even after the conquest of Istanbul, this city became the center of glasswork. In other words, we can say that glasswork possesses a great cultural value for Turkish people. Glasswork with bead design was found in Anatolia, besides; this design was developed and colored in Istanbul. Later the evil eye charm was given its current form. The evil eye meaning is a kind of talisman to protect from the evil eye. Also, the evil eye color meaning is that the blue brings good luck. The general appearance of the evil eye charm is the shape of an eye placed inside a blue glass circle. This eye shape of the evil eye charm is obtained by placing a black dot on a white background. Although the most traditional evil eye charm is blue, there is also the production of evil eye in different colors. Furthermore, the evil eye meaning does not only mean protection from bad effects. Especially the blue evil eye meaning and evil eye color meaning more than one thing. One of the blue evil eye means that the evil eye means good wishes. For example, Turkish people give the evil eye to someone who starts a new business. This evil eye symbol means luck and success in your new job. Consequently, evil eye symbol is used in the sense of goodwill. 


 The use of evil eye symbol is also used in jewelry design. The use of the Turkish evil eye is especially common in newborn babies. Turkish evil eye are attached to the clothes of newborn babies for evil eye protection. The meaning of evil eye protection here is to protect from the unfortunate event. Furthermore, the Turkish evil eye is used in different evil eye jewelry design fields. This evil eye jewelry is evil eye bracelet, evil eye anklet, evil eye necklace, evil eye ring, and evil eye earrings. Especially evil eye bracelet is among the most frequently used evil eye jewelry types. Evil eye bracelet is among the most preferred ones due to their easy use. One of the reasons why evil eye bracelet is preferred is that the evil eye bracelet is worn on the arm regardless of age or gender. The evil eye bracelet meaning is related to the protection of the wearer from bad energy. The evil eye signifies misfortune, moreover; it is believed that the evil eye is transmitted between people willingly or unwillingly. Thus, the evil eye bracelet meaning is to prevent this bad energy. 


 Evil eye jewelry such as evil eye necklace, evil eye ring, evil eye earings, and evil eye anklet are very popular. Turkish evil eye become popular among people especially with the evil eye jewelry produced in various types and designs. Evil eye jewelry which has gained a place in world fashion especially in recent years, also; evil eye necklace, evil eye ring, evil eye earrings, evil eye anklet have been included in many collections. Moreover, evil eye jewelry attracts attention both with its meaning and with its beautiful stance. Evil eye necklace, Evil eye bracelet, evil eye ring, evil eye earrings, and evil eye anklet which are among the evil eye jewelry can be found in different colors, shapes, and sizes. In this way, it is possible to find a piece of evil eye jewelry that appeals to every person. No matter how beautiful evil eye jewelry looks, some people believe that only the real evil eye charm has protective features. According to this belief, the production must be done by hand and only the evil eye charm must be produced in the furnaces used for the evil eye charm to have a protective feature. Of course, this is a belief that only some people believe, besides; there are different beliefs when it comes to the evil eye symbol. AS mentioned in the first paragraph, the evil eye symbol can be seen in different nations and beliefs. One of them is the Greek evil eye has the same appearance as the Turkish evil eye. Especially the Greek evil eye is a belief that appears frequently in the Greek islands. Also, the trace of the Greek evil eye in history goes back to ancient times, just like the Turkish evil eye. The belief of the Greek evil eye traces of which appeared in the ancient Greek period is the same as the Turkish evil eye. Consequently, the evil eye symbol which has great meanings for many cultures continues its popularity with both its aesthetic appearance and the hidden meanings behind it. Besides, it has increased its popularity especially with the use of the traditional blue evil eye for good wishes. Hence, you can get good-looking and meaningful evil eye charm from local Turkish markets or Turkish online markets.

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