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Baklava, is an important dumpling that has a place in Turkish, Middle Eastern, Balkan and South Asian cuisines. It is made by placing walnuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts, depending on the region, between thin phyllo dough. It is generally sweetened with sugar syrup. Honey syrup can also be used. When baklava is put in the refrigerator, it quickly becomes sugary and loses its flavor. Instead, you can keep it fresh for up to 5 days without exposing it to sunlight in a cool, dry place. Baklava dessert is a dessert containing a lot of sugar, and therefore it is not a very correct storage method to store it in the refrigerator. Because when baked beans are put in the refrigerator, they will be sweetened much more quickly. In this case, it will spoil the unique taste of the baklava, that is, it will increase the sugar in the baklava excessively.

Therefore, when storing baklava, it should be preferred to store it in both dry and cool environments instead of the refrigerator.


Baklava recipe, First of all, the syrup of the dessert is prepared by boiling water and sugar in a saucepan. After boiling, it is boiled for 30 minutes on low heat and left to cool. Mix the dough ingredients in a deep bowl and knead the dough . 10 small pieces are obtained from the rested dough. It opens in the thinnest way you can open by sprinkling light starch on the counter. Throw away the excess starch from the dough and leave the dough opened at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Then the tray is oiled. 4 of the phyllo dough you have rolled are put on top of each other. Then, peanuts or peanuts are added on it and other layers are put on it. Baklava is cut into slices as you wish. Melted butter is also poured over it. Bake for about 1 hour in a preheated 180 degree oven until it is browned and cooked inside.



Baklava ingredients, are consist of 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of yogurt , 2 tablespoons of vinegar1 teaspoon of butter1 cup of warm water1 water glass measure of oil pinch of salt, flour as muchThe materials required for sherbet are; It consists of 4 glasses of sugar, 5 glasses of water, a few drops of lemon juice.


Turkish baklava,  is one of the most popular desserts in Turkey. It is a very sweet dessert with syrup and a special dough called 'Sherbet'. It is very traditional to bring Baklava from Turkey to foreign people. Also, people in Turkey bring Baklava to their family and friends on various occasions. Baklava is also a traditional dessert for gatherings and Eid celebrations.


Pistachio baklava, is the most preferred type of baklava. Baklava is very difficult to make. Ingredients required for making pistachio baklava; 4 eggs, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of water, half a kilo of pistachios, 300 g of starch, 2 tea glasses of olive oil, butter, 6-7 glasses of flour. Among the ingredients to be prepared for pistachio baklava; 4 glasses of sugar, 4 glasses of water and optionally 1 spoon of lemon juice can be added. Making pistachio baklava; Some of the flour is put in a bowl and a pool is made in the middle, eggs, milk, water, olive oil are added and the pool formed with the flours on the sides is closed. A soft dough is prepared. Then small pieces are made (20 pieces). The pieces are kneaded with flour and brought to a consistency. The prepared pieces are opened, starch and flour are divided into them, and then the dough is rolled out. It is taken on a tray and peanuts are placed in it and given to the oven. It is cooked at 200 degrees.


Calories in baklavathe calorie of 100 grams of baklava is 433.95. Assuming you are on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, when you consume baklava with low-calorie greens, it has calories that can replace a meal. Baklava NYC, You don't need to go to Turkey to experience the amazing homemade baklava. Baklava will be offered to you by the nearest Hamle market.

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 Baklava is a sherbet dessert that various nuts are placed between the thinly rolled dough. The baklava origin dates back to earlier times than thought. Moreover, it is thought that the baklava origin dates back to the time of the nomadic Turks. Since nomadic Turks created the baklava origin by adding products such as cream and honey to the dough they baked on sheet metal. Baklava which was developed especially in the palace during the Ottoman period requires great mastery. When a chef was to be admitted to the palace in the Ottoman period, it was checked how thin the baklava dough was rolled by the chef candidates. Furthermore, baklava pronunciation is the same as it is written. Since baklava is a Turkish word, the baklava pronunciation is read following the Turkish syllable division rule. Today, there are many varieties of baklava desserts. Since baklava desserts can be in different shapes and contents. Furthermore, almost all kinds of nuts can be placed in baklava dessert. Nevertheless, the most popular types of baklava desserts are walnut baklava and pistachio baklava. Walnut baklava is known as a home-style baklava dessert since the type of baklava dessert that is usually made at home during the holidays is walnut baklava. Also, walnut baklava is one of the most popular and classic baklava varieties. Another classic and delicious type of baklava dessert is pistachio baklava. Pistachio baklava is an extremely delicious baklava bakery product. Furthermore, there are varieties of pistachio baklava produced with different wrapping techniques. These baklava bakery techniques are quite diverse. According to their shapes, some of the baklava bakery types are mussel, twist, nightingale’s nest, mosaic, and classic square baklava. 


 Turkish baklava has become famous thanks to Gaziantep city in Turkey. Today, the best Turkish baklavas are made by Gaziantep baklava masters. When looking at the baklava recipes, it is seen that baklava recipes are very difficult recipes and require many techniques. Especially in the baklava recipes, the most difficult part is to open the dough in the thinnest way possible. As the thinner the dough for Turkish baklava, Turkish baklava will be more delicious and crispy. For this reason, all issues related to Turkish baklava dough which is of great importance in the baklava recipes. Baklava ingredients for Turkish baklava dough are eggs, water, oil, yogurt, baking powder, flour, and salt. Besides, starch is added to the baklava ingredients list to prevent the Turkish baklava dough from sticking. The baklava ingredients for Turkish baklava sherbet are sugar, water, and lemon juice. Furthermore, the desired nuts are added to the baklava ingredients list. According to the Turkish baklava recipe, the baklava ingredients for the sherbet are boiled. Then, Turkish baklava dough is prepared by following the baklava recipe. After the Turkish baklava dough is prepared, it is rested for a while. Furthermore, the Turkish baklava dough is divided into pieces and rolled out to be very thin. Doughs rolled out according to the Turkish baklava recipe are placed on the tray and the desired nuts are placed between them. Besides, the most popular nuts used in the baklava recipe are walnuts and pistachios. Before baking, melted butter is poured on the baklava in the tray and cut in the desired shape. After the Turkish baklava is cooked, baklava syrup is poured over it. Turkish baklava recipe is ready after all these steps. The easy baklava recipe is also very suitable for making baklava recipes with less effort. For an easy baklava recipe, ready-made baklava dough is used. In this way, dough making is not required for an easy baklava recipe. Besides, the preparation of the easy baklava recipe is the same as the classic baklava recipe. The only difference is that the ready-made phyllo dough is used in the easy baklava recipe. The easy baklava recipe is also very delicious just like the classic Turkish baklava recipe. There are many versions of baklava that are integrated with different flavors. For example, chocolate baklava is obtained by adding cocoa to baklava dough. Chocolate baklava possesses an intense chocolate flavor. Another different example of baklava varieties is baklava cheesecake. Baklava cheesecake is made with a combination of classic Turkish baklava and tasty fresh pudding. Baklava cheesecake is a very delicious combined dessert that is born from the combination of fresh pudding and Turkish baklava. A slice of pistachio baklava calories is approximately 110. Besides, a slice of walnut baklava calories is 100. Although baklava calories are high, they can be added to meals with portion control. 


 There are also versions of baklava made in various countries. One of these versions is the Greek baklava. The Greek baklava is similar in appearance to the classical Turkish baklava. Apart from the classic baklava recipe, honey is used to sweeten the product in the Greek baklava recipes. While adding the desired nuts in the Greek baklava recipes, spices are also added. Furthermore, cinnamon is the most commonly used spice in the baklava Greek recipe. While walnuts and pistachios are generally used in classical baklava recipes, it is seen that almonds are used a lot in baklava Greek recipe. Another baklava version is Lebanese baklava. Traditional Lebanese baklava is usually made with walnuts, besides; Lebanese baklava looks like homemade walnut baklava. Furthermore, aromatic products such as rose water and orange essence are added to the sherbet of Lebanese baklava. Thus, Lebanese baklava is a very tasty and fresh flavored product. Today, baklava has become popular and loved by the whole world. Packages containing different types of baklava in the form of baklava in Costco are also sold in the markets. One of the major factors that enabled this development of baklava is the importance and value given to this special dessert. In Antep, where is a famous city in Turkey known for its Antepli baklava, baklava production is approached with a great Professional perspective. Also, Antepli baklava own a delicious crunchy texture and aroma that grows with every bite. Furthermore, Gulluoglu baklava is one of the most well-known Antepli baklava producers from Antep. Gulluoglu Baklava brand produces appetizing baklavas with its deep-rooted history. The favorite product of Gulluoglu baklava which produces various baklava versions is the classic pistachio baklava. Consequently, with its magnificent taste and appearance, baklava is a flavor that has brought its popularity to the world. Furthermore, the ‘baklava near me’ and ‘best baklava near me’ mold can be used to purchase the baklava which requires great skill to make. Hence, you can find and experience this delicious product with ‘baklava near me’ and ‘best baklava near me’ molds in online Turkish markets.  

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