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Bazlama Bread

All About Bazlama Bread;


 Bazlama is a type of yeasted bread belonging to Turkish cuisine. Also, bazlama bread is one of the indispensable elements of traditional Turkish breakfast tables with its soft texture. In addition to being round, soft textured, and leavened bread, bazlama bread can also be produced in different varieties. Bazlama stuffed varieties are produced according to different flavors and desired aromas. Furthermore, bazlama stuffed is the cooking of bazlama bread dough after adding various ingredients into it. The products used in the bazlama stuffed can be minced meat, potatoes, cheese, chocolate, spinach, and various kinds of stuffings. Although bazlama stuffed is also delicious and produced, the most preferred one is classic bazlama bread. Bazlama bread has been in Turkish cuisine for a long time, furthermore; bazlama is still a popular product. Bazlama which is widely produced especially in the Cukurova region of Turkey is also produced in most regions. Thus, bazlama bread which is also known by the people with different names is one of the most famous Turkish bread types. 


‘How to Make Bazlama?’


 Although bazlama bread is known as a breakfast bread, it is also consumed as a sandwich during tea times or as a type of bread at dinner. Even though bazlama is cooked on a sheet in the original bazlama recipe, it is possible to make this delicious bread on the pan according to the easy bazlama recipe. The ingredients needed for an easy bazlama recipe are milk, water, yeast, oil, salt, and flour. According to the easy bazlama recipe, the dough is obtained from all the ingredients needed. Then, the dough is left to ferment. The fermented bazlama bread dough is rolled out and cooked on the pan. Furthermore, using dry yeast in an easy bazlama recipe simplifies the process. Also, the easy bazlama recipe is called ‘tavada bazlama recipes’. Thus, it is possible to search for this recipe in the form of ‘tavada bazlama recipes’. In the original bazlama bread recipe, fresh yeast is used and a period of time is waited for the yeast to become active. Besides, some sugar is added to the dough to active the fresh yeast according to the bazlama bread recipe. Moreover, the bazlama dough is fermented twice according to the original bazlama bread recipe. The first leavening is right after the bazlama dough is made and the second fermentation is right after portioning the dough for bazlama recipe making. Besides, the bazlama bread dough that passes through all these stages becomes more fluffy and soft. Other variations of bazlama recipe are also available such as bazlama Greek bread recipe. In the bazlama Greek bread recipe, some yogurt is added while preparing the bazlama bread dough. The yogurt added to the dough makes the bazlama Greek bread fewer air bubbles and elastic. In this respect, bazlama Greek bread is a good accompaniment to many dishes. Although there are various variations of bazlama recipe, they are all delicious. Hot breakfast bread can be obtained by applying the bazlama recipe. Otherwise, it is possible to obtain different kinds of bazlama bread by putting various products into the bazlama dough. Also, it is possible to prepare very tasty sandwiches from bazlama bread. For example, a breakfast bazlama bread sandwich can be prepared by adding cheese, tomato, cucumber into the bazlama bread. Moreover, it is possible to make various types of sandwiches and toasts by adding the desired products into the bazlama bread. It is a delicious choice to enrich the bazlama bread with garlic and olive oil in addition to the bazlama recipe. Furthermore, one medium size bazlama calories is approximately 170. Although bazlama calorie seems high when consumed with portion control, this bazlama calorie problem also disappears. Consequently, people who pay attention to their weight or diet can consume bazlama bread with portion control. You can try this delicious local flavor by applying the bazlama recipe at home or you can find bazlama bread from online markets.

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