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Yufka Pastry

All About Yufka Pastry;

‘What is Yufka Pastry?’, ‘Yufka Dough Where to Buy?’, and ‘Where Can I Buy Yufka Dough?’

 Yufka pastry is a significant flavor that forms the origin of many pastries in Turkish cuisine, thus; yufka possesses a great and important place in Turkish cuisine. Yufka pastry is obtained by cooking a thin piece of dough on sheet metal. Furthermore, the origin of yufka pastry goes back to the Central Asian Turks who lead a nomadic lifestyle. At that time, foods have to be suitable for the nomadic lifestyle, besides; yufka was among the foods consumed in this period. Since yufka is long-lasting and hard to go stale. Also, yufka is a product that adapts to many dishes. Different flavors have emerged from yufka pastry with the specialization for making yufka dough over time. Many Turkish pastries such as Turkish ravioli manti, Turkish börek varieties, and Turkish noodles erişte originated from yufka. 

 Yufka bread which is a product of nomadic life is an unleavened product like lavash. Also, the reason why the yufka bread is made from unleavened dough is to ensure that the yufka bread is more durable in this way. Yufka bread and lavash show great similarity. Yufka bread and lavash are both types of bread that have survived from nomadic life, besides; both yufka bread and lavash are made from unleavened dough. The difference between yufka bread and lavash is the method of use. Lavash is generally used in wraps. However, yufka is mostly used in the production of pastry products. While lavash is a thicker dough product, yufka bread is as thin as possible.

 Hundreds of different examples of yufka bakery can be given. The most popular yufka bakery products are various kinds of pastries, mantı Turkish ravioli, gözleme Turkish pancakes, and katmer. Since yufka tarifleri (yufka recipes) are very diverse, almost any dough containing food can be easily prepared with yufka dough. Furthermore, the food that occupies the biggest place in yufka tarifleri (yufka recipe) is yufka borek. The yufka borek in yufka recipe can be filled desired flavors. Examples of yufka borek favorites are spinach, ground beef, cheese, and potatoes. There are also local yufka borek delicacies such as leek and eggplant yufka borek flavors. One of the most popular yufka borek varieties is the fried finger yufka borek. Besides, finger yufka borek pastries can be filled with desired ingredients like other yufka recipes. For these fried yufka borek, a cut yufka called ucgen yufka is used. Ucgen yufka is obtained by dividing a whole yufka dough into eight equal parts since the ucgen yufka owns a triangular shape. Furthermore, fried yufka borek is obtained by putting the ingredient in the widest part of the ucgen yufka and wrapping it in the form of finger. 

 Making yufka recipe is a difficult task that requires experience. Making yufka recipe starts with yufka dough recipe. The ingredients for the yufka dough recipe are flour, water, and salt. According to the yufka dough recipe, all the ingredients are mixed well and a yufka dough is obtained. Yufka dough is neither hard nor soft as yufka dough is medium consistency dough. Although everything progresses easily from here, the rest of the yufka dough recipe becomes difficult. Moreover, the yufka dough should be kneaded until it owns a completely smooth texture. After this stage, the yufka dough is divided into pieces. Then, these yufka dough pieces roll out until they are very thin. Since the shape of yufka dough is large, round and very thin. Then thin yufka dough is baked on the sheet metal. During cooking the liquids in the yufka dough evaporate. Thus, the yufka dough own a crispy and durable structure. The yufka dough recipe is ready after the yufka dough is cooked. Moreover, prepared yufka dough can be stored in the freezer for un to three months. 

 As can be understood from the yufka dough recipe, making yufka ekmek is a challenging task. Yufka is made in groups especially in village life, moreover; unfortunately making yufka ekmek in urban life is not a task that can be done at home. Even though the materials required for the yufka dough recipe are few and can be found in everyone’s kitchen, the cooking technique of yufka ekmek is very distinctive. Cooking the yufka ekmek on a hot sheet gives it durability. Fortunately, ready-made and delicious yufka can be found in the markets with brands specializing in yufka dough. Local Turkish markets can be preferred to buy delicious yufka breads. Nonetheless, the surest and easiest way is online Turkish markets. Besides, the ‘yufka dough near me’ mold can be used to buy yufka bread from Turkish online markets. You can prepare delicious recipes with yufka by finding yufka dough near me from online Turkish markets. Consequently, yufka whose history is based on the nomadic life has preserved its popularity and reached today since yufka is delicious and content in many recipes. Today, there are hundreds of different recipes made with yufka bread. You can advantage of online Turkish markets to find yufka dough near me and use this flavor in your recipes.

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