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Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Turkish chickpeas


Chickpeas calories, approximately 40 grams of roasted chickpeas, has 105 kcal and 12% fat. It is very beneficial for the body. It contains quite a lot of fiber. It is a food that should be consumed frequently in diets. Because it is rich in fiber, it provides skin renewal and plays a major role in preventing wrinkles. It contributes to the healing of gastric diseases such as reflux and gastritis. It is also very useful for solving intestinal problems. Contains vitamins A, C and E. It also contains calcium and potassium. Chickpea keeps you full and increases the body's resistance by providing energy. It strengthens the immune system and is good for anemia problems because it contains potassium. The ingredients required to make chickpeas at home are 1 cup chickpeas, water, little salt. Chickpeas are soaked in water the day before. The next day, the water is drained and mixed with a little salt and taken into a fireproof pan. It is roasted until the top is browned (chickpeas are not boiled and no oil is poured into the pan while roasting). Let it rest for a while and serve.


Turkish pistachio, It is rich in antioxidants and protein. Pistachios are beneficial for your cholesterol and blood pressure problems. It has a high nutritional value. You can consume it as a snack during the day. Used in every dessert. Pistachio Dessert Recipes can contain at least 10 different recipes. Pistachio Brownie, Baklava Dough with Pistachio Katmer, Pistachio Semolina Halva, Damascus Dessert Pistachio Cookies, Butter Pistachio Flour Cookie, Metro Chocolate Pistachio Bar, Hazelnut Gullaç, Homemade Pistachio Baklava with Pistachio, Baklava with Butter Pistachio, Baklava with Butter and Pistachio, Baklava with Butter and Pistachio, Katmer, Pistachio Cookies, Afyon Turkish Delight, Crispy Şekerpare, Meatballs with Pistachio, Shish Kebab with Pistachio, Pistachio Ice Cream with Sahlep, Pistachio Katmer, Green Cookies with Pistachio, 10 Delicious Sweet Cookies with Number 10 for Tea Recipe a is one of the most popular recipes of pistachio.



What Is Chestnut?


Chestnut, One of the indispensable foods of winter, chestnuts are also very beneficial for health. It contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, chlorine, potassium and sodium, B1, B2 and C vitamins. Thanks to potassium, it regulates the water balance in the body. In addition, it is a very important nutrient that allows nutrients to enter the cell and protect muscle structures. Since it is rich in calcium, it is easily used in the treatment of anemia. There are 131 calories in 100 grams, so it should be consumed in a controlled manner.


Turkish dried apricot, It is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It contains high fiber. (contains dietary fiber.) It is very beneficial for intestinal health. Apricots are collected and dried in season. You can consume dried apricots as a snack. You can use it in your cakes and desserts. It helps the digestive system.It contains high levels of magnesium, so it balances blood pressure and prevents high blood pressure.


What Does Almond Mean?

 It is a delicious almond, rich in vitamins and minerals. It can be consumed as a snack or used in desserts. It is good for heart health. Contains unsaturated fats. It is rich in vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant.


Turkish hazelnut, while making, high quality fresh hazelnuts are collected first. It is obtained by roasting without adding salt. It is a nutritious and healthy flavor. It is preferred as a snack. It is also often used in dessert recipes. You can start the day energetically by consuming it in the morning. The benefits of hazelnuts are quite high, they give a feeling of satiety and strengthen the nerve, protects brain health, reduces diabetes risk, lowers cholesterol, protects against cancer, prevents constipation

All About Turkish Pistachio Nuts;


 Turkish pistachio nuts are shelled fruit that grows on pistachio trees. Turkish pistachio nuts consist of the core part of this fruit. Besides, Turkish pistachio nuts are highly used in the dessert sector. Turkish pistachio nuts are a species that can be grown in most parts of the world if suitable growing conditions are provided. The homeland of pistachios is the Middle East. Furthermore, Turkish pistachio production in Turkey is high especially in Gaziantep city. Pistachio is one of the most consumed nuts in the world. Turkish pistachio is a product that draws attention owing to the high use of pistachios in desserts. Moreover, Turkish pistachios are classified according to the size, oil content, and soil of the place where Turkish pistachio nuts are produced. 12 different types of Turkish pistachio are produced in Turkey. Besides, Turkish pistachio varieties are divided into categories depending on many parameters. Turkish pistachios can be consumed roasted or salted. Also, shelled and unshelled varieties are available. Turkish pistachio nuts which can also be consumed as nuts are often used in dessert recipes. Turkish pistachio is used in Turkish delights, chocolates, ice cream, cakes, milk puddings, and sorbet desserts. Hence, Turkish pistachios are a product that suits every dessert very well. Turkish pistachio nuts have many health benefits. Turkish pistachios contain many vitamins, besides; pistachio is known for its energizing feature. Also, Turkish pistachio contains high amounts of phosphorus. It is a good choice to look at local markets to find Turkish pistachio nuts for sale. However, the best way to find Turkish pistachio nuts for sale is in online stores. To find Turkish pistachio nuts for sale, online Turkish markets can be searched and Turkish pistachios can be accessed easily in this way. Also, the best rated Turkish pistachio is selected according to some criteria. At the beginning of these criteria is size, shape, taste, aroma, oil ratio. Moreover, best rated Turkish pistachio are generally consumed as nuts. Since pistachios used as powder are produced from smaller-sized ones. Although Turkish antep pistachio nuts are very delicious as a nut, their main use is in the Turkish pistachio dessert recipes. 


 Turkish pistachio dessert recipes are quite diverse since Turkish antep pistachio nuts go well with almost every desserts. Moreover, Turkish antep pistachio nuts can be used whole, chopped, or powdered in Turkish pistachio dessert recipes. Furthermore, Turkish pistachio cake is included in Turkish pistachio dessert recipes. The classic cake batter is made for the Turkish pistachio cake recipe. Turkish pistachio cake batter contains eggs, flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, vanilla, and Turkish yogurt. According to some Turkish pistachio cake recipes, orange or lemon peel can be added to the Turkish pistachio cake dough to give it a nice smell. After the classic cake dough is ready, powdered Turkish antep pistachio nuts are added to it. Furthermore, whole Turkish antep pistachio nuts are added to the top of the mixture for visualization. Then, Turkish pistachio cake is baked. After the Turkish pistachio cake is cooked, is ready to be served. Turkish pistachio cake which owns a green color inside is filled with the flavor of Turkish antep pistachio nuts. Turkish pistachio dessert recipes occupy a large place in Turkish cuisine. The Turkish antep pistachio nuts variant of Turkish baklava which is a very famous dessert all over the world is one of the most popular varieties. Turkish dried apricot is one of the most used products with Turkish antep pistachio nuts in Turkish pistachio dessert recipes. Especially in stores selling Turkish nuts, the famous product formed by placing Turkish pistachios inside the Turkish dried apricot is covered with chocolate. Also, there are many other recipes that use Turkish dried apricot and Turkish pistachio nuts together since pistachios and Turkish dried apricot are worthy duo. Turkish pistachio dessert recipes are in a very wide category and contain all the flavors of Turkish pistachio nuts. Nevertheless, desserts are not the only use of Turkish pistachio nuts. It is possible to see the use of Turkish pistachio nuts in salty recipes. Examples of savory recipes prepared with Turkish pistachio nuts are pesto sauce with Turkish pistachios, salad with pistachios, and pasta with pistachio sauce. Furthermore, pistachios are in perfect harmony with meat. There are many recipes that combine meat and Turkish pistachio nuts. The pistachio kebab which is among the Turkish kebabs is very delicious and shows how good the meat and pistachio duo is. Online Turkish markets are a good choice to buy Turkish pistachio nuts. Moreover, you can use these delicious Turkish pistachios in recipes or consume them as nuts by buying Turkish pistachio nuts. Consequently, Turkish pistachio is a delicious nut that enhances the flavor in both sweet and savory recipes. Also, this delicious nut is very beneficial for health. Furthermore, there are countless kinds of recipes that can be made with pistachio nuts. Thus, Turkish markets can be preferred to buy Turkish pistachio nuts and use them in tasty recipes. 

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