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All About Turkish Chestnut;


 When winter comes and the weather starts to get cold, Turkish chestnut becomes food that comes to everyone’s mind. Besides, Turkish chestnut is a very popular and consumed food whether fried or sweet. Recipes made with Turkish chestnuts are quite diverse since both sweet and savory recipes can be made with Turkish chestnuts. Kestane in English means chestnut. Although kestane in English means chestnut, it is more appropriate to say kestane. Since kestane includes many foods that integrate with them in Turkey. The history of kestane is quite interesting. The homeland of kestane is Anatolia, nevertheless; it is the ancient city of Castan that gave its name to the kestane. Moreover, chestnut varieties are quite numerous. Also, these varieties are classified according to their size and suitability in food. Kestane is also a gluten-free food. With this good feature, kestane can be preferred by those who own gluten sensitivity. Kestane is not only a nut used in foods but also a product that can be turned into flour. Consequently, when the subject is kestane, the possibilities of usage are limitless. 


 Turkish chestnut recipes are quite diverse, moreover; each one is very tasty. Making firinda kestane (oven-baked Turkish chestnut) is one of the most known and delicious cooking methods of Turkish chestnut. For the firinda kestane recipe, a cut is made in the trunk of the Turkish chestnuts to cook the inside well and to peel them easily. Turkish chestnuts are left to rest for a while in the mixture consisting of water, sugar, and salt. The Turkish chestnuts are taken out of the water and cooked in the oven at a high temperature according to the firinda kestane recipe. The firinda kestane recipe is a delicious snack on its own and is low in calories. Since one firinda kestane contains about 25 calories. Furthermore, the firinda kestane recipe forms the basis of many delicious recipes. Many delicious savory recipes can be prepared using the firinda kestane recipe. Kestane flavors such as kestane rice, Turkish chestnut cream, the chestnut puree can be prepared. Moreover, it is also very suitable nuts for meat dishes. Kestane added while cooking meat products such as meat and chicken have a great taste and aroma. 


 Kestane is known for its suitability for sweet recipes as well as salty recipes. Since many sweet recipes are made with kestane. Kestane-flavored cakes, creams, puddings, and pies are made. However one of the most interesting kestane desserts is the kestane şekeri (chestnut candy). Kestane şekeri recipe was first made in Bursa which is the city of Turkey. Kestane şekeri is one of the most popular and consumed sweets in Turkey today. Kestane şekeri is one of the sweet varieties consumed especially in winter times. The kestane şekeri recipe is a dessert with syrup, besides; kestane şekeri is obtained by keeping the chestnuts in this syrup. While the Turkish chestnuts are waiting in the syrup, they absorb the syrup thoroughly. In this way, the sweet kestane sekeri turns into an explosion of flavor with the texture of Turkish chestnuts and the sweet taste of sherbet. Kestane sekeri recipe is a dessert made with few ingredients. The ingredients for the kestane sekeri recipe are water, sugar, lemon juice, and Turkish chestnuts. According to the kestane sekeri recipe, chestnuts cooked by the boiling method are left in a syrup created with water, sugar, and lemon juice. Furthermore, kestane sekeri is delicious according to the waiting time in the syrup. If desired, kestane sekeri sherbet can also be flavored with spices. Hence, kestane sekeri dessert can be consumed alone or added to many various desserts. Furthermore, this wonderfully delicious dessert can be obtained from Turkish online markets to be used alone or in other dessert recipes.


 Another tasty and nutritious chestnut product is kestane bali (chestnut honey). Kestane bali is obtained from the nectar of chestnut flowers, moreover; kestane bali is very beneficial for health. Kestane bali owns a long satiety period. Furthermore, the high amount of antioxidants in the kestane bali is known to support hair and skin health. Kestane bali is suitable for consumption alone, otherwise; kestane bali can be added to beverages and foods. Moreover, sweet recipes without granulated sugar can be prepared with kestane bali. One of the biggest benefits of kestane bali is that it relaxes the respiratory system. The mixture prepared with kestane bali and some spices relieves the throat in diseases such as flu or cold. Consequently, each of the products produced with Turkish chestnut possesses delicious and beneficial features. The Turkish chestnut season which opens in winter adds its unique flavor to many unique foods. Another thing that comes to mind when Turkish chestnut is mentioned is the Kestane Seaside Staten Island restaurant. The Kestane Seaside Staten Island restaurant is a place that mixes Turkish flavors with its lovers. These flavors are Turkish barbecue, Mediterranean cuisine, and exquisite seafood selection. Kestane Seaside Staten Island restaurant named after the Turkish chestnut blended Turkish flavors with restaurant quality. Hence, you can get the much-loved Turkish chestnut products from online Turkish markets and add this delicious product to your meals and desserts.

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