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All About Salgam Turnip; 

 ‘What is Salgam?’, ‘What is Turkish Salgam Made From?’, and ‘Where to Buy Salgam?’

Salgam turnip is a very beneficial plant that is a member of the radish family. The homeland of salgam turnip is not known exactly, nevertheless; salgam’s homeland is suggested that salgam comes from nothern countries due to its resistance to cold weather conditions. Salgam is produced in the provinces of Turkey that possess a cold climate. Salgam turnip in English is called Russian turnip, moreover; salgam can be found in markets with this name. It is possible to say many great things about the salgam health benefits. The most important salgam health benefit is giving strengthens the immune system during the winter months. Another substantial salgam health benefit is pleasing to those who desire to lose their excess weight. Salgam facilitates digestion, besides; salgam makes the intestines work more easily. In addition to all these salgam health benefits, the taste of salgam is also very good. When the desire to take advantage of salgam health benefits, raw salgam can be consumed. It is possible to add raw salgam to dishes. For instance, raw salgam can be added to salads, vegetable soups and consumed as a side dish with meals.

 Another way to enjoy amazing salgam health benefits is salgam drink. Salgam drink is a traditional drink, moreover; salgam drink is unique to Turkish cuisine. Besides; salgam drink which is consumed lovingly in winter times is a fermented beverage. In the production of traditional salgam drink, salgam, red carrot, bulgur flour, bread dough, salt, and water are used. In addition to this recipe used in making salgam drink, the desired spices can be added to make the salgam drink more bitter. After mixing the ingredients according to the salgam drink recipe, it is necessary to leave the mixture for 15-20 days in a place that is not exposed to sunlight to ferment salgam drink. The salgam health benefits can be utilized not only by consuming raw salgam, but also by drinking salgam drink. Thus, salgam drink is the tastiest way to consume salgam.


All About Turkish Tea;

 ‘What is Black Tea?’, ‘How to Make Turkish Tea?’, and ‘How Long to Steep Black Tea?’

The arrival of tea which was discovered by the Chinese people before the common era and used for medicinal purposes, to Turkey coincides with the last times of the Ottoman Empire. Although the arrival of tea in Turkey was late, the introduction of tea by Turks took place in Central Asia during the 12th century. Since Turkish coffee was loved by the Turks at the time, tea was not preferred much. Access to Turkish coffee became very expensive during the First World War, consequently; Turkish tea, which is an alternative to Turkish coffee, production was started in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Accordingly, Turkish tea, still loved and preferred by Turks, was born. Turkish tea is actually black tea that is produced in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The benefits of black tea are quite numerous. One of the first and important benefits of black tea is that it maintains the body’s water balance. Owing to this feature of black tea, Turkish people consume plenty of Turkish tea during the month of Ramadan in order not to feel thirsty while making fasting. Other significant black tea benefits are relieving tension and stress, restoring skin health, and increasing the immune system. In addition to all these black tea benefits, there is also the flavor factor. Turkish people can drink Turkish tea in the morning with breakfast, after dinner, briefly at any time of the day. In addition, black tea is suitable for consumption at night since the black tea caffeine rate is two times less than the amount of Turkish coffee caffeine intake. Furthermore, it is possible to add extra flavor to the pleasure of Turkish tea by using organic black tea.

 For making black tea, a Turkish teapot is used. Turkish tea is steep by putting water in the lower part of the Turkish teapot and black tea in the upper part of the Turkish teapot. Then, the heated water is added to the upper part of the Turkish teapot, thus; Turkish tea is obtained. After this stage, the Turkish tea is continued to be heated for 15 minutes over low heat, therefore; the unique flavor of black tea can thoroughly transfer to the water. To serve Turkish tea, some black tea is poured into the glass from the upper Turkish teapot and the rest is completed with heated water. Hence, the hardness of Turkish tea is adjusted with this service style. All materials needed to make Turkish tea exists in the Turkish tea set. It is possible to enjoy the flavor of Turkish tea at home by using a Turkish tea set.


All About Turkish Coffee; 

‘What is Turkish coffee?’, ‘What Does Turkish Coffee Taste Like?’, ‘How to Brew Turkish Coffee?’, and ‘How to Make Turkish Coffee?’

 Turkish coffee is obtained as a result of all preparation and cooking processes of coffee beans from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. Turkish coffee possesses a traditional and ancient identity with Turkish coffee smell and presentation style. Hence, Turkish coffee is a variety that is served with Turkish coffee grounds. Turkish coffee recipe is quite simple. A Turkish coffee glass of water and a coffee spoon of Turkish coffee is added to the Turkish coffee pot for making Turkish coffee. Then Turkish coffee pot is cooked on low heat with constant stirring. When Turkish coffee foams, Turkish coffee is removed from the fire and served. In such a simple way, the best Turkish coffee is prepared.

 Turkish coffee owns various benefits. Turkish coffee benefits are, contains many antioxidants, gives energy, increases muscle coordination, and decreases cholesterol. Another Turkish coffee benefit is digestion. Drinking Turkish coffee after meals helps digestion. Therefore, Turkish coffee prevents weight and stomach problems when Turkish coffee is consumed without sugar. Besides, there are many various types of Turkish coffee brands. Such as, Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee, Kırkyıl Turkish coffee, and many other Turkish coffee brands exists. One of the most Turkish coffee brands is Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee. This Turkish coffee brand is one of the most important coffee producers in the world. Moreover, it is possible to add extra flavor to Turkish coffee with Turkish coffee spices. The most preferred Turkish coffee spices are mastic, cardamom, and cinnamon. Furthermore, other Turkish coffee spices can be used in Turkish coffee optionally. Turkish coffee delivery can be done all over the world, besides; everyone can enjoy this Turkish coffee flavor thanks to Turkish coffee delivery. The only thing to do to meet the unique taste of Turkish coffee is to search for ‘Turkish coffee near me', and ‘Turkish coffee delivery near me’ phrases. After analyzing the phrases of ‘Turkish coffee near me’, and ‘Turkish coffee delivery near me’, reaching out the Turkish coffee in NYC, Turkish coffee in Seattle, and Turkish coffee in many places online is become possible. Consequently, it is quite simple to try Turkish coffee whose taste possess spread all over the world, at home. Since Turkish coffee displays many various kinds of Turkish coffee spices, all these Turkish coffee flavors are quite a must-try for coffee lovers.

 All About Boza Turkish Drink; 
‘Where to Buy Boza in USA?’, ‘How to Make Boza Drink?’, and ‘What is Boza Drink?’ 

 Boza Turkish drink is a high-calorie beverage that warms the body. Besides, the boza Turkish drink toughness holding feature is very high. Also, boza Turkish drink is a high mineral and vitamin store. Boza drink is one of the oldest beverages still consumed today. Since Boza drink is thought to own a history dating back to about 8000 years ago. Boza drink which was widely consumed by ancient Turkish tribes in Central Asia later came to Anatolia during the migration of tribes. There is a period when boza drink reached the peak of its popularity by the Turkish people. This is the realization that boza drink is a good consume before fasting in Ramadan month. At that time, Ramadan drink boza is often consumed at the time of sahur that is the last meal eaten before fasting. Furthermore, Ramadan drink boza comes to the fore in Ramadan which coincides with the winter month for warming people’s hearts, relieving the digestive system, and keeping full. Ramadan drink boza which became more and more popular started to be sold not only during Ramadan month but all the time. One of the most interesting pieces of information about boza drink is that the Turkish drink boza was consumed as a military drink during the Ottoman Empire. Since Turkish drink boza is a very energizing drink, boza drink was consumed by soldiers during Ottoman Empire. 


 Various types of legumes can be used for the boza drink recipe. According to the boza drink recipe, the main material of the Turkish drink boza can be wheat, barley, corn, oats, rice, or millet. The pulses used for the boza drink recipe have changed in history. Besides, two types of Turkish drink boza were produced during the Ottoman period. Furthermore, one of these two types is the sour-sweet Turkish drink boza that is still consumed today. The ingredients in the boza Turkish drink recipe which is loved and consumed today are Turkish bulgur, sugar, water, vanilla, milk, rice, and yeast. Turkish boza drink is a fermented beverage, hence; yeast is used in the boza Turkish drink recipe. As the first step of the boza Turkish drink recipe, rice and Turkish bulgur are boiled until very soft. Then, boiled Turkish bulgur and rice are mashed and filtered. Yeast, milk, and sugar are kept in a separate pot for the yeast to get activated. Activated yeast mixture and bulgur mixture are combined according to the boza Turkish drink recipe. Prepared Turkish boza drink mixture is kept in a cool and dark place for fermentation. Moreover, water is added to the Turkish boza drink mixture which is kept for a day according to the desired consistency, and sugar is added according to the desired ratio. After all these steps, the boza Turkish drink recipe is complete. Besides, Turkish boza drinks can be served cold or hot. When serving boza Turkish drink powder cinnamon is sprinkled on it and yellow roasted chickpea is placed on top. 


 Another delicious boza drink variety is the boza Bulgarian drink. Boza Bulgarian drink owns a sweeter taste than Turkish drink boza. In addition to the classic Turkish drink boza ingredients, there is also wheat in the boza Bulgarian drink. Boza bonanza drink possesses a dark color, moreover; cinnamon is used when serving boza bonanza drink. Boza bonanza drink differentiates itself from other boza drinks which are normally sour taste. In this respect, the boza bonanza drink possesses a unique taste. Since the boza drink recipe is not an easy task and making boza drink requires mastery, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘Where to buy boza in USA?’. Boza drink in Philly, boza drink Miami, boza drink Chicago, and boza drink Seattle can be purchased in Turkish online markets that available boza Turkish drink for sale. Furthermore, Boza drink in Philly, boza drink Miami, boza drink Chicago, and boza drink Seattle own a delicious and unique taste that suits many people and creates a different alternative for those people who are bored with the most familiar drinks. Besides, Boza drink in Philly, boza drink Miami, Boza drink Chicago, and boza drink Seattle various flavors suck as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg can be used upon request while serving. Online markets can be preferred to buy boza Turkish drinks for sale which is a warm and full winter drink. It is possible to experience this delicious and deeply rooted flavor by buying boza drink. After the buy boza drink, it can be served with Turkish style which is cinnamon powder and yellow roasted chickpeas. Otherwise, after buying boza drink, different and desired spices can be added to the boza drink. Furthermore, it can be served cold or hot after buying boza drink. Boza drink for sale can be searched with the ‘Boza drink near me’ pattern. Hence, you can share and experience this unique flavor with your loved ones especially in winter times by finding the boza drink near me. By buying boza drinks from experienced brands, enjoy this centuries-old favorite beverage. Moreover, you can decorate boza drinks as you wish and add the spices, flavors you want. 
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