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Doganay Turnip Juice Mild (1 lt) sale

Doganay Turnip Juice Mild (1 lt)

Doganay Turnip Juice Mild, the main food turnip radish, purple carrot, water, salt and whole wheat b..

$4.99 $5.99

Doğanay Turnip Juice Mild (330 ml)

Doğanay Turnip Juice Mild (330 ml)

Doganay Turnip Juice Mild, the main food turnip radish, purple carrot, water, salt and whole wheat b..


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All About Salgam Drink;


 Salgam drink which is the best accompaniment to Turkish kebab has increased its popularity for years. Besides, salgam drink is an important beverage with its health benefits and it goes well with almost every meal. Salgam drink is a red, sour, and delicious beverage. Also, salgam drink is native to Adana and its environs in Turkey. The reason why the salgam drink started production in this region is its magnificent harmony with the foods in this region. The fermented sour taste of salgam drink harmonizes well with kebab varieties and meat dishes. Salgam in English means turnip juice. Nevertheless, the meaning of salgam in English can cause some misunderstandings since salgam is not just a turnip juice. Even though salgam in English means turnip juice, salgam is actually a fermented beverage that owns a complicated process. Thus, salgam drink is a different beverage than raw salgam juice. 


 Salgam drink production is a difficult task that requires experience. The ingredients used in the recipe for salgam drink are raw salgam turnip, purple carrot, salt, sugar, bread dough, and water. Salgam drink making is very similar to pickle making. The difference in making Turkish salgam is the dough and Turkish bulgur added for the fermentation of the raw salgam. For the production of salgam, the raw salgam turnip, and purple carrot are washed, chopped, and added to a large jar. Then the ingredients for the fermentation step, spices, and water are added next to raw salgam. The ingredients need to ferment for about two to three weeks. After raw salgam ferment well it's ready to drink either in granular or filtered form. Another feature of salgam turnip juice is that it adjusts the balance of spices during salgam preparation stage. There are two types of salgam turnip juice which are hot spicy and mild. Moreover, the degree of bitterness of salgam turnip juice is adjusted during the production phase. 


 The rich aroma and delicious taste of salgam turnip juice are not its only features since salgam health benefits are many. Among the salgam health benefits, salgam contains many vitamins so is good for eye and heart health. Another salgam health benefits are that salgam protects bone and dental health since salgam contains potassium, calcium, and iron. Other salgam health benefits are salgam clears throat infections, furthermore; salgam turnip juice relaxes the digestive system. Another good feature of salgam turnip juice is that salgam has very few calories even though salgam is very nutritious. A glass of mild salgam turnip juice is 10 calories. Hot salgam turnip juice is only 3 calories, furthermore; hot salgam accelerates metabolism. Doganay turnip juice is one of the brands that produce delicious salgam. Besides, Doganay salgam is one of the important brands that produce intense and rich flavored turnip juices. Furthermore, there are two types of Doganay turnip juice which are Doganay turnip juice mild, and Doganay turnip juice hot. The hot version of Doganay salgam is not too hot, thus; it's suitable for everyone. Also, Doganay turnip juice is sold in one-liter bottles. Consequently, salgam has become one of the most preferred beverages thanks to salgam health benefits and rich aroma. Besides, salgam turnip drink is a very good accompaniment to many dishes with its earthy taste. Hence, you can choose the Doganay turnip juice brand to combine delicious dishes with this rich aroma. Moreover, you can choose your spice ratio from mild and hot products of the Doganay salgam according to your taste. 

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