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Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea

All About Black Tea;

 Tea is a very popular beverage all over the world and has a place in almost every culture. Also, there are over a thousand types of tea in the world. Besides, the first appearance of tea dates back to before Christ. Even though tea was used medicinally at first, its delicious flavor was discovered later and spread all over the world. Looking at the tea consumption of cultures, it is seen that each region has its favorite tea variety. Also, people can find the one that most appeals to their palatal delight among many types of tea. For example, black tea is undoubtedly the most appealing to the palatal delight of the Turkish people among all the types of tea. Black tea is loved by Turkish people, besides; black tea is the most consumed type of tea in Turkey. Furthermore, the consumption of black tea during breakfast and after meals is quite common for Turkish people. When it comes to traditional Turkish breakfast, black tea is served as a drink. Also, black tea own an important position in the world as well as in Turkey since black tea is one of the tea types with the highest consumption rate in the world. Hence, black tea can be called the most popular type of tea in the world. Also, black tea possesses many health benefits as it contains many vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, black tea owns a strong aroma and taste since the harvested tea leaves become black tea after the fermentation stage. Thanks to this fermentation stage, black tea possesses high caffeine and delicious taste. Also, a black tea cup is a thin-waisted glass. There is a small plate under the black tea cup, besides; this plate is for putting other materials such as spoon and sugar, which are necessary for black tea drinking. This small plate under the black tea cup prevents the black tea from spilling. Although every culture possesses a tea cup that is associated with its tea history, the black tea cup has been an element that continues its existence from the past to the future for Turkish people. Since black tea is so important to the Turkish people, brands such as Lipton black tea, and Nativity tea (Doğuş tea) which produces black tea approach this business with sensitivity. Lipton black tea and Nativity tea (Doğuş tea) are brands that have been producing black tea ith great expertise for a long time. Considering that black tea is the most popular type of tea in the world, Lipton black tea and Nativity tea (Doğuş tea) brands offer unique aromas and flavors not only for Turkish people bu also all over the world. 


All About Green Tea;


 Green tea is one of the most popular types of tea today, Green tea is not exposed to oxidation during production. Since this process is not applied, the aroma and flavor of green tea are quite different from black tea. As there is no oxidation process, green tea contains more antioxidants than black tea. Green tea was first produced in China and then spread all over the world. Green tea is also known as a fat burner among people, furthermore; green tea attracts attention with its feature of helping to lose weight. Among the green tea benefits, the most striking feature is green tea benefits to the skin as well as being a fat burner. Also, green tea benefits the skin and face with green tea own many healthy components. Besides, green tea delays aging. Green tea benefits include increased brain functions and reducing the risk of cancer with the antioxidants green tea contains. The tea brewing characteristics are also different from each other. For example, to green tea brewing, boiled water needs to rest a little since this is to prevent green tea from becoming bitter taste. The tea brewing technique is different from black tea. The water must be very boiled for brewed tea. For a more intense black tea taste, the tea is slightly heated in the teapot while brewing the brewed tea. Black tea emerges all flavor and rich taste with this stage. Tea infuser plays an important role during tea brewing. Tea infuser works on the principle that the dry tea leaves are trapped in a perforated chamber. Thanks to the tea infuser, it is possible to brew delicious and sediment-free tea.


All About Herbal Tea Varieties;

 There are many types of herbal tea varieties apart from black and green tea. Examples of herbal tea varieties include rosehip tea, chamomile tea, sage, linden, apple tea, mint, and lemon tea. All herbal teas have their unique benefits and properties. Storage conditions and production processes are similar for herbal teas. All herbal teas are freshly picked, washed, and dried. Moreover, herbal teas are brewed in such a way that their properties will not be lost while brewing, and herbal teas will give their aromas in the best way. For example, chamomile tea has properties such as regulating sleep and reducing stress. Moreover, a runny nose can be reduced using chamomile tea for sinusitis. Thus, using chamomile tea for sinusitis is a very relaxing choice. Rosehip tea is good for indigestion and digestive problems. Sage possesses antiseptic properties. Besides, sage prevents digestive and gas problems. Hence, rosehip and sage are similar to each other in that they are good for digestive problems. Sage English and Rosehip English stand out since they have different aromas but benefit from similar properties. Linden English is another healthy herbal tea. Besides, linden English is a type of herbal tea that is especially good for colds and strengthens the immune system. Another herbal tea variety that stands out with its flavor and sweet aroma is apple tea. Apple tea regulates digestion and relaxes the intestines. Furthermore, apple tea regulates blood sugar. Mint and lemon are very compatible duo. Besides, mint and lemon which are especially good for flu and colds are often preferred in winter times. Mint lemon recipe application is quite simple. Mint leaves are brewed with lemon peel according to the mint lemon recipe. The mint and lemon are ready to drink after brewing. Before serving lemon juice can also be squeezed into it according to the mint lemon recipe. Also, Form mixed herbal tea is one of the most preferred products with its wide range of herbal teas. Consequently, it is possible to taste the flavor and aroma of herbal teas with Form mixed herbal tea.

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