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Turkish Black Tea

All About Turkish Black Tea;


‘What is Turkish Black Tea?’, ‘How to Brew Turkish Black Tea?’, and ‘Where to Buy Turkish Tea?’


 Tea possesses many varieties that appeal to everyone ın addition to being one of the most consumed beverages in the world. When it comes to Turkish çay (Turkish tea) black tea Turkish comes to mind first. Looking at the history of Turkish çay, it can be said that Turks' acquaintance with Turkish çay dates back to the Central Asian period. However, Turkish coffee took the place of Turkish cay until the end of the Ottoman period. Due to World War that followed and the difficulty in reaching coffee, Turkish cay started to become widespread. Furthermore, great importance was attached to the production of Turkish cay especially after the Republic. Today, Turkish cay is so common in Turkish society that it is possible to see people consuming Turkish çay at any time of the day. 


 When black tea Turkish is first harvested, its leaves are green. To make black tea Turkish, the harvested leaves must be fermented. Since black tea Turkish is a fermented tea type, black tea Turkish possesses a rich aroma and strong taste. Moreover, black tea Turkish contains caffeine. The amount o antioxidants are lower than green tea as Turkish black tea is fermented. The reason for this is that Turkish black tea is more oxidized than other tea types. However, Turkish black tea owns an intense and rich aroma thanks to this oxidation. Turkish black tea is brewed for a longer time than other tea types, besides; Turkish black tea owns a special teapot. The Turkish black tea infuser possesses two layers. How water is placed on the first floor of the black Turkish teapot and the desired amount of black Turkish tea is added on the second floor. After the black Turkish tea in the upper layer is heated, hot water is added to it and left to brew for a while. While black Turkish tea is being served, tea and hot water are added according to the desired. Black Turkish tea can be served with lemon upon request. Also, those who like black Turkish tea with a sweet taste can add sugar to the tea at this stage. The most useful product used in brewing siyah cay tea (black tea) is Turkish tea bags. Thanks to the Turkish tea bags, siyah cay tea grains are trapped in a bag and do not scatter around. Another benefit of using Turkish tea bags is that Turkish tea bags provide easy cleaning of the siyah cay tea infuser. At the same time, the aroma and taste of Turkish tea bags are the same as classic siyah cay tea. Only the Turkish tea bags are siyah cay tea confined in a pouch. 


 When Turkish black tea is mentioned, the first place that comes to mind is the Black Sea region. Karadeniz tea (Black Sea tea) is very high quality since the region owns excellent properties for Karadeniz tea production. Besides, Karadeniz tea is the leading tea production place in terms of aroma and taste. Some Turkish tea brands come to mind when Karadeniz tea is mentioned. One of these Turkish tea brands is Caykur Rize Turkish black tea. Caykur Rize Turkish black tea is one of Turkey’s leading tea-producing brands. Moreover, Caykur Rize Turkish black tea possesses many types of tea. Some of these types of Caykur Rize Turkish black tea are Caykur organik hemsin tea, Filiz cayi tea, and Caykur Altinbas cay. Caykur Rize Turkish black tea are Caykur organik hemsin tea, Filiz cayi tea, and Caykur Altinbas cay tea varieties are all very popular and consumed. Filiz cayi tea is one of the high-quality Caykur Rize Turkish black tea varieties since Filiz cayi tea is a pure tea variety. Caykur organik Hemsin tea which is another high-quality Caykur Rize Turkish black tea product is also among the most preferred. Caykur organik Hemsin tea is obtained by collecting and blending the teas produced in the Hemsin region of Turkey’s Rize province. Caykur Altinbas Turkish tea is one of the most popular products of the Caykur Rize Turkish black tea brand. The tea rate in Caykur Altinbas Turkish tea is high which makes Altinbas Tea leave a wonderful tea scent when brewed. Also, the drinking of Caykur Altinbas Turkish tea is quite soft which means that the tea is prevented from becoming bitter while brewing. Besides, Caykur Altinbas Turkish tea is of very high quality in this respect. Moreover, the same amount of tea can be brewed even with a small amount of Altinbas tea. In addition, Altinbas tea has made itself very popular with its rich aroma and taste. Turkish tea prices are within the reach of everyone. Furthermore, Turkish tea prices are lower than most tea varieties and their preferred rates are very high. Thus, you can have delicious Turkish black tea with affordable Turkish tea prices and experience this delicious aroma. Consequently, Turkish black tea has been a beverage that everyone loves to consume for many years. Also, it seems that Turkish black tea will last for a much longer time on the shelves with its delicious aroma and unique health benefits. You can experience this delicious aroma with the Caykur Rize Turkish black tea brand and choose the type of Turkish black tea that best suits your taste.