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Turkish Candy & Gums

Turkish Candy & Gums

All About Turkish Gum;

 When looking at the history of chewing gum, it is known that it dates back to Aztec times that a very long time ago. The gum was previously used for medical purposes since the first production of chewing gum was for medical purposes. Today, there are thousands of types and flavors of chewing gum. When looking at Turkish chewing gum, it is seen that Turkish gum is produced in many different types, flavors, and shapes. Some of the Turkish chewing gums are falim chewing gum, Turkish gum love is. Falim chewing gum is one of the most well-known Turkish gums. Besides, there are many different varieties of Turkish gum Falim. Some of the varieties of Falim chewing gum are Falim chewing gum with mastic, Falim chewing gum with mint, Falim chewing gum with forest fruit, and Falim chewing gum with strawberry flavor. Furthermore, Turkish gum Falim is sold wrapped in a piece of fortune-telling paper. This feature of Turkish gum Falim distinguishes it from other gums. Also, some varieties of Turkish gum Falim is in the category of Turkish gum sugarfree. Falim chewing gum ingredients are gum base, flavoring, and antioxidants. Moreover, the absence of sugar in the Falim chewing gum ingredients is a good feature for dental health. 


 ‘Turkish gum love is’ is one of the Turkish chewing gum varieties. Besides, Turkish gum love combines two color variants since 'Turkish gum love is' is a combination of two different flavors. For example, orange Turkish gum love is own a combination of pineapple and orange flavors, while blue Turkish gum love is possess banana and strawberry flavors. Furthermore, there is a cartoon and a sentence about love in the Turkish gum love is paper in which Turkish gum love is wrapped. Since 'Turkish gum love is' differs from other Turkish gums with this feature. There are also Turkish gums with certain flavors. These Turkish gummies are strawberry gums and candy-flavored gum. Strawberry gums possess one of the most popular and classic gum flavors. Moreover, strawberry gums are available in almost every chewing gum company since most people love this classic flavor. Candy flavored gum varieties are often preferred since candy flavored gums are quite delicious. Furthermore, candy flavored gum varieties which are especially loved by children are produced by many brands. The opposite of candy flavored gum is Turkish gum sugarfree. Turkish gum sugarfree possess many benefits. First of all, chewing Turkish gum sugarfree prevents stress. Also, chewing Turkish gum sugarfree prevents bad breath and helps to lose weight. Turkish gum for jaws is also a good choice to make the jawline which is the chin part of the face more prominent. For this recommended tip, it is necessary to chew the Turkish gum for jaws regularly. This hack with Turkish gum for jaws is one of the good benefits of Turkish chewing gum.


 Flavorless Turkish gum is a very good choice for those who do not desire any aroma. Furthermore, flavorless Turkish gum does not contain sugar or sweeteners. Hence, it is possible to chew the flavorless Turkish gum with the function of helping to lose weight or to protect oral health. Another type of Turkish gum is extreme Turkish gum. Extreme Turkish gum contains a high percentage of mint flavor or mouth-freshening aromas. Since extreme Turkish gum includes mouth-freshening aromas, extreme Turkish gum is often preferred to prevent bad breath. Also, extreme Turkish gum is used for a fresher breath. Moreover, many Turkish chewing gum brands possess products in the extreme Turkish gum category. Another very popular type of Turkish chewing gum is gums candy. Gums candy first leaves a feeling of candy in the mouth. Then this feeling turns into chewing gum later since gums candy includes gum in the candy. Due to this feature, gums candy is especially loved and preferred by children. Consequently, Turkish chewing gum comes in many varieties, shapes, textures, and flavors. Moreover, Turkish gum is loved and consumed by Turkish people. Especially Turkish gum ice cream is one of the most consumed ice cream types for Turkish people. Also, 

Turkish gum ice cream is a good accompaniment both alone and with many dessert variants. In addition, Turkish gum ice cream is a unique flavor not only by Turkish people but also by the whole world with this creamy and delicious texture. Hence, Turkish gum whose history dates back still maintains its popularity today. 


All About Turkish Candy;


 Turkish candy has become a tradition with its continued usage for years despite being a dessert. There are various types of Turkish candy that are indispensable for special days and holiday celebrations for Turkish people. Besides, Turkish candy is among the unalienable treats for every holiday for quests. There are many Turkish candy products that suits people from all age groups, especially for children. Kent candy is a popular Turkish candy since Kent candy is offered to guests and consumed fondly especially during the Feast following Ramadan which is a religious holiday unique to Turkish people. Moreover, there are many varieties of Kent candy with various types of flavors. Also, the wrapping papers in Kent candy are colorful and attractive. Kent candy which appeals to children with these features has become a popular Turkish candy with both its taste and aroma combinations. Another candy that children love very much is lolipop. Lolipop contains different colors and flavor combinations like Kent candy. Favorite lolipop flavors are strawberry, cola, lemon, and apple. However, lolipop possesses many other flavors despite these. Also, some lolipop varieties contain gum inside, or some lolipop varieties are made by combining two different flavor combinations. In every way, lolipop is one of the favorite candies by children and adults. Another most loved candy is Turkish Haribo. Turkish Haribo is a leading product in the field of fruit jelly. Turkish Haribo is soft, fruity, and elastic. Turkish Haribo is a candy that appeals to all, besides; Turkish Haribo candy is loved and consumed by everyone. Furthermore, there are many varieties of Turkish Haribo. These varieties have many aromas and tastes such as sweet, sour, and fruity. One of the most popular Turkish Haribo products is the teddy bear variety. This Turkish Haribo variety contains lots of fruit juice, moreover; Turkish Haribo is very delicious and own a unique taste. Consequently, Turkish candy is not only used for sweets but also became a part of traditional holidays. These delicious candies appeal to the palate of all people with their various types of texture and tastes.