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Strawberry Jams

All About Strawberry Jam;


‘How to Make Strawberry Jam?’


 Jam is a delicious product that is used both on its own and in many pastries. Even though the consumption of jam is common in breakfast, it can be used in every field along with its use in many desserts. One of the delicious jam types is strawberry jam. Strawberry jam is a popular type of jam that is loved and known by everyone. Strawberry jam is one of the indispensable products of traditional Turkish breakfasts. Also, the homemade strawberry jam has been made since the Ottoman period and is consumed fondly. Homemade strawberry jam which was also used in sherbet making during the Ottoman period increased the importance of this tasty product. Besides, every region where strawberries are grown in Turkey has its own unique strawberry jam recipe. Since these strawberry jam recipes are quite varied. Moreover, strawberry jam recipes specific to these regions differ according to the time the strawberry is grown and its aroma. 


 There are many ways to make strawberry jam. It is possible to choose the one suitable for you among many strawberry jam recipes prepared on demand. While making strawberry jam, the elements in the strawberry jam recipe can be adjusted as desired. For example, the sugar ratio can be reduced for making low sugar strawberry jam. Another way to make low sugar strawberry jam is to make strawberry jam with pectin. While making strawberry jam, its consistency is adjusted with sugar. Hence, sugar is needed to obtain a thicker texture in strawberry jam. In this case, there are problems with consistency in making low sugar strawberry jam. However, there is no problems inconsistency while strawberry jam with pectin is less sugary. Strawberry jam with pectin recipe is like the strawberry jam without pectin recipe. The only difference between strawberry jam with pectin and strawberry jam without pectin is that when adding apple pectin, less sugar is added. Besides, the taste of the strawberry am with pectin is just as delicious as the strawberry jam without pectin. The way to make sugar free strawberry jam is the same as the recipe for the strawberry jam with pectin. No sugar is added to make sugar free strawberry jam. Moreover, pectin is added instead according to the sugar free strawberry jam recipe. 


 The traditional strawberry jam recipe is loved and practiced by everyone. The ingredients for the traditional strawberry jam recipe are fresh strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice. Besides, butter can be added to the traditional strawberry jam recipe optionally. When making traditional strawberry jam recipe, the ratio of strawberries and sugar is ¼. According to this ratio, it is possible to increase the traditional strawberry jam recipe as desired. Since it is not possible to find the strawberries required for making strawberry jam in the same freshness during the winter months, the strawberry freezer jam recipe has become an alternative to the traditional strawberry jam recipe. The requirements for the strawberry freezer jam recipe are the same as the ingredients for making strawberry jam. In addition to frozen strawberries, sugar and lemon juice are used in the strawberry freezer jam recipe. To make strawberry freezer jam, frozen strawberries, and sugar are put in a pot. After the strawberries are cooked, lemon juice is added to the strawberry freezer jam. Strawberry freezer jam is also called quick strawberry jam. In making quick strawberry jam, frozen strawberries are cooked with sugar without any processing. Furthermore, strawberries do not need to be sorted or thawed in a quick strawberry jam recipe. 


 Although the ingredients in the recipe for strawberry jam are the same, the cooking time and the added sugar ratio vary according to the type of strawberry. The recipe for strawberry jam, therefore; differs between regions. In some places, there are aromatic products such as mastic gum in the recipe for strawberry jam. Furthermore, it is been observed that raisins are added to the recipe for strawberry jam. This feature adds a different texture and taste to the strawberry jam recipe. The best quality strawberries are needed to make the best strawberry jam. These berries are fragrant, bright red, and tiny. The best strawberry jam is made when these fragrant strawberries are fresh. The best strawberry jam is made in May which is the first fragrant strawberries come out, or in September which is the last fragrant strawberries come out. Also, the freshness of strawberries can differ between regions. Thus, it is possible to say that the best strawberry jam is made with the freshest strawberries.


 Sweet recipes made with strawberry jam are unlimited. Various recipes such as cake, pie, pudding, jelly can be prepared with strawberry jam. Moreover, one of the most delicious strawberry jam recipes is strawberry jam cookies. The desired cookie recipe can be used for making strawberry jam cookies. After the cookies are baked, strawberry jam is added between the two cookies, and the cookies are adhered to each other with jam according to the strawberry jam cookies recipe. Furthermore, 1 teaspoon of strawberry jam calories is approximately 15. Besides, strawberry jam calories vary according to the amount of sugar in strawberry jam. It is also possible to buy this delicious food. Online and local markets can be preferred to buy strawberry jam. Besides, you can also order strawberry jam. By ordering strawberry jam, you can both consume this tasty food for breakfast and make wonderful sweet recipes.

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