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Molasses & Tahini & Syrup

Koska Carob Molasse (380 gr) sale

Koska Carob Molasse (380 gr)

Koska Keci Horn (Carob) Molasses (380 gr)'s nutritional value is very high. It is produced from caro..

$9.99 $9.99

Koska Carob Molasse (800 gr) sale

Koska Carob Molasse (800 gr)

Koska Keci Horn (Carob) Molasses (800 gr)'s nutritional value is very high. It is produced from caro..

$9.99 $11.99

Koska Grape Molasse (700 gr) sale

Koska Grape Molasse (700 gr)

Koska Grape Molasse (700 gr)..

$8.99 $10.99

Koska Mulberry Molasses (800 gr)

Koska Mulberry Molasses (800 gr)

Koska Mulberry Molasses (800 g) is made from carefully selected quality mulberries. It is one of the..


Mr.Nut Dried Carob (400 gr)

Mr.Nut Dried Carob (400 gr)

The carob tree, specific to Mediterrian regions, is used for its seeds and fruits. Carob regulates b..


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Molasses & Tahini & Syrup


What is Molasses?


It is produced by crushing and boiling sweet fruits such as molasses, grapes, rosehips, figs, carob, and mulberry. It is a very dense and sweet syrup. Molasses has been widely produced in Turkey for many years and have an evaluation style specific to our country. With the viticulture culture that started in Anatolia, molasses production has become widespread. It varies according to the fruit it is made in terms of nutritional values. It is a type of food that gives a lot of energy because it contains high carbohydrates. It is a portion of good and beneficial food because it is rich in terms of B vitamins and various minerals it contains. It easily mixes with blood. Calcium meets most of the potassium requirements per day, so it should be consumed regularly every day. It also has a medicinal effect and therefore 1 spoon can be consumed daily for healing purposes.


Grape molasses is made from grapes. It is made from ripe grapes and gives energy. It is very beneficial for the development of babies during pregnancy. It also has a positive effect on the digestive system. It accelerates blood circulation. Grape Molasses is obtained from stone black grapes. Collected black grapes are turned into grape must by cold pressing. Grape must is concentrated in the vacuum system and molasses are formed. It is one of the foods richest in natural sugar that the brain needs to collect energy. It also contains high levels of calcium. It can add color to breakfasts by mixing it with liquid tahini. You can get healthier desserts by using molasses instead of sugar in your desserts.


Harnup molasses is a brand that produces organic and natural molasses products. It is full of healing. Contains carob extract and vitamins. It is referred to as a non-pharmaceutical product and is very healing. So, this product has a drug effect. It contains natural calcium, iron, potassium, and B vitamins. Molasses made from carob extract is one of the most useful types of molasses. The benefits of locust molasses are very effective in shortness of breath, lowering cholesterol, and balancing blood pressure. It does not contain oil or cholesterol. It also helps to remove harmful substances from the blood. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it has benefits for many tissues. It protects against diseases by increasing body resistance and immunity. It has antioxidant properties, so radiation, etc. accumulated in the body. It also helps to clean.


Mulberry molasses is a type of molasses obtained from mulberry. It is especially good for stomach diseases. It is used in asthma and bronchitis diseases, to increase body resistance against cold. It is a source of energy for athletes. It is also effective in mouth and throat diseases in mouthwash. The ripe mulberries are grabbed from the corners and put into cauldron. Water is added to the cauldron to cover the mulberries and boiled until they are separated from their seeds. The boiling molasses is drained and rested, then it is put into the cauldron again, boiled until a few boils come, and it is placed in large-bottomed containers and left in the sun for a few days. After sunbathing, it is taken into containers where it will be filtered and stored again.


Pekmez Recipe, the recipe for molasses is quite easy. The main point is not to put sugar in the molasses to be made. Molasses should be cooked without sugar to get the best benefit. If we examine the grape molasses, 2 kg of grape is taken and decays, and garbage is removed. It is washed with plenty of water after weeding. Using an iron strainer will make more sense for the pasting process, so 2 kg of grapes are crushed by hand by placing an iron strainer on the pot. After pasting, the juice and pulp of the grapes are separated. Then the pulp and water are passed through a thinner strainer. The pulp is thrown into the garbage. The remaining grape juice is taken in a clean pot and boiled until it reaches the consistency of molasses. After it starts to boil, it should be mixed continuously. Molasses should have a paste consistency. Molasses need to be boiled for 1 hour to get a full paste consistency. It is recommended to be taken into the jar after it cools down.


Tahini(halva) molasses can be consumed either separately or mixed. It is a good source of carbohydrates and energy because it contains large amounts of sugar. When consumed together, their antioxidant properties increase, thus making them healthier. When 1-2 spoons are consumed in the morning, it allows you to be more energetic and fit throughout the day. Instead of consuming artificial sugar, consuming tahini and molasses naturally meets the body's sugar need. Cardiovascular health is a very healthy type of food for strengthening memory. It is recommended to consume it in moderation. It can be consumed as a dessert alternative by adding walnuts and almonds to it.

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