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All About Turkish Cheese Tulum;


‘What is Tulum Cheese?’, and ‘How to Eat Tulum Peyniri?’


 There is a great cheese variety in Turkey since cheese possesses a very significant place in Turkish breakfast tables. One of the most popular local cheese varieties is Turkish cheese Tulum. Turkish cheese Tulum is a cheese with local characteristics. In other words, it acquires features according to the which city Turkish cheese Tulum produced. This means that Turkish cheese Tulum is a type of cheese that has a variety in itself. If we need to define Turkish cheese Tulum in general, it can be said that Turkish cheese Tulum is a nutritious cheese with a high milk rate that can be produced from various kinds of milk. The characteristic feature of Turkish cheese Tulum is that it is wrapped in animal hides and kept in caves with high humidity for flavoring. Of course, the animal hide stage is not applied when producing every Turkish cheese Tulum. As Tulum cheese aged in animal skin is a more traditional type of cheese. Tulum cheese aged in animal skin is an older method, however, it is still used in some regions. Tulum cheese Turkey contains a high amount of milk. The milk in Tulum cheese Turkey can be cow, goat, or sheep. Nevertheless, cow’s milk is generally preferred for making Tulum cheese Turkey. There are also Tulum cheeses containing mixed milk, they are called Tulum mixed milk cheese. With the different milk mixtures in the Tulum mixed milk cheese, Tulum mixed milk cheese is more aromatic.


 Tulum cheese Turkey owns the characteristic features of the region where it is produced. For example, Kars Tulum cheese is made from a mixture of sheep and cow’s milk. Furthermore, Kars Tulum cheese provides natural fermentation of milk without cooking. After the fermentation step, fermented milk is filtered and weight is put on it so that it loses excess water. According to the Kars Tulum cheese recipe, it is salted then. Also, one of the characteristic features of Kars Tulum cheese is that Kars Tulum cheese aged in skin. Kars tulum cheese aged in skin for approximately five months. While Kars tulum cheese aged in skin, it should not get the sun. Besides, the place where Kars tulum cheese aged in skin should be cool. Therefore, caves are preferred fort his process. Another delicious local tulum cheese Turkey is Izmir tulum cheese. Izmir tulum cheese is made in large tins. Moreover, izmir tulum cheese is kept in salt and whey in these tins. Izmir tulum cheese aroma is different from the classic tulum cheese aroma. Since izmir tulum cheese aroma is a little bit salty. Also, the izmir tulum cheese aroma is milkier. The reason for this is that the flavor that gives the izmir tulum cheese aroma is a mixture of cow, sheep, and goat milk. Classic tulum cheese aroma is slightly sour. Thus, the tulum cheese aroma suits many various types of nuts, tulum cheese grill, salads, and pastries. The methods of making Kars tulum cheese and Izmir tulum cheese are similar to the Mideast Tulum cheese which is the ancestor of tulum cheese. Mideast tulum cheese is the most traditional form of tulum cheese. Besides, Mideast tulum cheese is among the oldest cheese varieties. Also, Mideast tulum cheese is produced with traditional methods. Mideast tulum cheese has survived to the present day, moreover; it has become the ancestor of today’s local tulum cheeses. 


 Tulum peyniri in English can be translated as a type of salty cheese produced with special methods. Besides, tulum peyniri in English can be translated as bryndza. Mihaliç cheese and kelle cheese can be given as examples among cheese like tulum. Furthermore, the general characteristics of Tulum cheese substitute are their tight structure, slightly sour, and salty aromatic taste. Moreover, blue cheese is among the cheese like tulum in America. Since most people compare the aroma and taste of blue cheese to cheese like tulum in America. Although there is cheese like tulum in America, the local flavor of tulum cheese is very different. Tulum peyniri in America can be used in many delicious dishes with its flavor and texture. Furthermore, tulum cheese Wisconsin can be added to cheese plates prepared with many kinds of cheese in Wisconsin. Since tulum peyniri in America is suitable for both consumption alone and to be added to meals. Hence, tulum peyniri in America is a delicious alternative to other cheese types with its local texture and aroma. One of the brands that produce delicious Tulum cheese is Gazi tulum cheese. Gazi tulum cheese is one of the delicious types of cheese that tastes like traditional tulum cheese. Also, Gazi tulum cheese is produced from fat milk. This feature provides an intense aromatic flavor to Gazi tulum cheese. Gazi tulum cheese 400g comes in a protected package and should be stored in a cold place. Besides, the flavor of Gazi tulum cheese 400g captures the flavor of traditional tulum cheese made by ancient nomadic societies. Gazi tulum cheese is suitable for both consumption alone and to be added to various types of dishes. Hence, you can look at local Turkish markets to buy tulum peyniri. Nevertheless, the easiest way to buy tulum peyniri is online Turkish markets. To buy tulum peyniri online, you can search for tulum cheese near me. Thus, you can consume the delicious tulum cheese which you buy from online markets both on its own and in meals. 

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