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First Turkish market of California has been working since 1966 Hamle market costumers can find all the products that they missed & can easily shop online. People from across USA can usually make order from Hamle Market.

Thanks to Hamle market unique technology & consumer friendly design, consumers can purchase Turkish products that they missed easily. Consumers can pay their orders with secured & multiple options and we deliver your orders with USA’s best & fastests cargo companies.

Hamle market provides secure, consumer friendly, technologic and innovative website so that you can do your market purchase quickly & easily. Thanks to our new free shipment areas / discounted products & weekly monthly sales so many people are prefer to shop Hamle market.

We specialize in selling a wide variety of authentic and hard to find Turkish products, national and international grocery brands, fresh produce, and deli items. Our product’s diversity is reflected not only in our wonderful products, but also in the cultural and ethnic mix of our wonderful customers and our employees. Here are some highlights of what you can find in our friendly website:

- Authentic Turkish items, some directly imported by us. There are many ‘Middle-Eastern stores’ in the region, but none that bring you the authentic flavors of Turkey as we do, because they are not Turkish. Whether you are a baklava connoisseur, or picky about your feta cheese, or miss that authentic ‘sucuk’, or sour cherry jam, or tea biscuits, you will find all the familiar Turkish tastes here. If you want to make authentic Turkish tea or Turkish coffee, we carry the equipment as well as the original Turkish teas and coffees.

- A wide range of international grocery items catering to the cuisines of that region. We have Persian, Armenian, Greek, Arabic, Bosnian, and Mediterranean items.

- Our fresh produce is of highest quality and at the best prices you can find. When you visit, you will be able to tell the difference because we carefully select only the highest quality items to bring to our store. And, you will be amazed at how low the prices are for high quality produce. In season, you will also find unique produce items such as fresh dates, or sour plums, or green almonds.

- Our deli section has a variety of cold cuts, cheeses, olives, and other items. We can slice your pastirma the way you like, or give you a coil of 'Sucuk' to go with your eggs, or a wedge of 'Kasar' (Kasseri) for your special grilled cheese.

- In our refrigerated section, you will find the national brands of dairy products and tasty yogurt selections, as well as some special prepared foods like ‘borek’ or ‘lahmacun’, hand made by local artisans.

- Our bulk goods provide you a wide selection of nuts, grains, rice, and other items in amounts you desire. You may especially like the authentic, smaller yet tastier Turkish pistachios, not found elsewhere around here.

We bring all these and more to you from online, no matter where you are in USA.
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Hamle Market Online – Your Online Turkish Market in USA.

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