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Kral Kemalpasa Dessert (140gr 4.9oz) sale

Kral Kemalpasa Dessert (140gr 4.9oz)

It is a traditional Turkish dessert. Kral Kemalpasa Cheese Dessert 140 g is one of the most popular ..

$4.99 $5.49

Kafkas Chestnut Candy (500 gr 17.6oz)

Kafkas Chestnut Candy (500 gr 17.6oz)

Caucasian Chestnut Candy (500 g) has a taste other than the usual confectionery. Chestnut lovers enj..


Ipek(Seyidoglu) Kadayıf with Pistachios (454gr 1lb)

Ipek(Seyidoglu) Kadayıf with Pistachios (454gr 1lb)

İpek Kadayif (454 gr) is a quality, fresh and delicious product. It brings the traditional dessert t..


Kral Sekerpare Dessert with Hazelnut (250 gr 8.8oz) sale

Kral Sekerpare Dessert with Hazelnut (250 gr 8.8oz)

It is a traditional Turkish dessert. Kral Sekerpare with Hazelnut (250 gr) is one of the most popula..

$4.99 $5.49

Seyidoglu Ipek Baklava & Kadaifi Assortment (454 gr)

Seyidoglu Ipek Baklava & Kadaifi Assortment (454 gr)

Seyidoglu Ipek Baklava & Kadaifi Assortment (454 gr) offers you two very popular desserts in one..


İpek Burma Kadayıf with Pistachios (454 gr 16oz) sale

İpek Burma Kadayıf with Pistachios (454 gr 16oz)

Burma Kadayıf with Silk Pistachio (454 gr) is a fresh and delicious product to enjoy Turkish delicac..

$18.99 $19.79

Kafkas Chesnut Candy - Light (500 gr 17.6oz)

Kafkas Chesnut Candy - Light (500 gr 17.6oz)

Caucasian Light Chesnut Candy (500 g) has a taste other than the usual confectionery. Chestnut lover..


Seyidoğlu Revani with Hazelnut & Orange (454gr 16oz)

Seyidoğlu Revani with Hazelnut & Orange (454gr 16oz)

Seyidoğlu Revani with Hazelnut & Orange (454 G)..


Kral Cup Kadaifi (300 gr)

Kral Cup Kadaifi (300 gr)

It is one of the traditional Turkish desserts. Kral Cup Kadaifi (300 gr) is one of the mos..


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Kemalpaşa & Pismaniye & Chestnut Candy

Pismaniye recipe, Sugar and water are mixed in a saucepan and boiled. Flour is roasted in a pan.

Grease the tray with butter and place it in a large bowl filled with ice. When the syrup thickens and becomes a paste, it is taken from the stove. Add the lemon juice to it and transfer it to the greased tray. It is mixed with a wooden spoon until it turns into a paste. Pour the roasted flour on the counter and put the paste on the flour.


Pismaniye, or other names such as wire halva, pulled halva, wire wire, tame halva, flax halva; It is a traditional dessert made with white sugar, wheat flour, butter and vegetable margarine in Anatolia. Pişmaniye near me, you can reach the unique Turkish delight by ordering instantly from the Hamlet Market whenever you want.



Turkish floss halva pismaniye, is made from butter, vanilla (or cocoa), lemon salt, sugar, tahini, flour and water. To make Pişmaniye, the sugar is boiled at 170 degrees until it becomes waxy. The hot caramelized sugar solution is disassembled onto a cold surface, cooled and bleached. In the bleaching process, the sugar mixture is hung on a metal hanger, folded by hand or by machine, and stretched again. This process, called pulling, is repeated many times to allow air to enter the sugar mixture. As a result of this process, a softer and whiter sugar paste is obtained.Miami traditional floss halva is bought from the pismaniye Hamle market.


Kemalpasa dessert, Kemalpaşa dessert, which is named after the Mustafa kemalpaşa district of Bursa, is still produced daily and fresh with the addition of cheese in the district. Due to the short shelf life, today the cheese rate is low and it is sold in packages as dried. put sugar and water in a large saucepan, stir until the sugar dissolves, and then pour our dessert into sherbet.It is boiled for 20-25 minutes on medium heat, under control.Cover the bottom and wait for the water to absorb.When the desserts have cooled, sprinkled with coconut on top of the syrup and are ready to be served.


Kadayıf food, delicious sherbet desserts made with stringy kadayıf, künefe, pistachio kadayif dessert, and stuffed kadayıf are various desserts that everyone loves to eat. Kadayif stuffed pasha wrap, hazelnut paste kadayif, kadayif cake are among the most preferred kadayif dishes.


Kadayif,  is one of the traditional dessert recipes in our culinary culture. Both the dessert and the dough used in making the dessert are called kadayif. The dessert, which is prepared by blending kadayıf, which is prepared as a string, with ingredients such as walnuts and peanuts, combined with butter and sherbet, is generally loved by everyone. A special flour is used in the production of kadayif, which has a special elastic structure .


Kadayif recipe, First, take tel kadayif into a large bowl. Pour the melted butter over low heat. While you cut the kadayıf into small pieces with your hand, let it mix with the butter.

Then spread half of them on the bottom of a suitable baking tray. Press the kadayifs in with your hand or a flat bottomed bowl. Sprinkle the ground walnuts on top of it. Press and lay the remaining kadaifs on it. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Put the kadayif tray in the oven and keep it in the oven until it is browned. Then take the kadayif by turning it upside down into a tray of the same size. After frying the gold a little more, take the kadayıf out of the oven. If you turn the kadayıf upside down on another tray like this, it will have a neater presentation during serving. Now that we have cooked the kadayıf, we can prepare the syrup. Because we will bring together the syrup as hot and kadayif as cold. Let's start by taking the sugar and water in the pot and boiling it. After the syrup boils, continue to boil for about 20 minutes. When you take it from the stove, put lemon juice in it. Pour the hot syrup over the cooled kadaif. Then you can serve the kadayif by resting it for at least 3-4 hours.

Requirements for kadayif dough; 1 glass of flour, 1 glass of water, Half a glass of corn starch, Half a glass of oil, Half a teaspoon of salt. Combine flour, starch, salt, oil and water in a deep bowl. Mix well until you get a smooth consistency. Rest for 5 minutes. Fill the dough you prepared into a piping bag. Trim the corner as thin as possible. Heat your iron if you have it, or a large non-stick frying pan. Squeeze the dough spirally into the pan. After cooking for 30 seconds, remove it from the pan with the help of a wooden stick. You can have thin kadayif dough as if you have opened it yourself with the difference of the Hamle market without the hassle.


Helva, is a common dessert in Turkey and many Middle Eastern countries. There are many varieties of halva in many different countries. Flour halva and semolina halva are common in Turkish cuisine. Basic ingredients are flour or semolina, oil, sugar, milk, cream


Kagit helva,  is a dessert enjoyed by everyone, big and small. It has a light and crunchy texture. It can be consumed plain or with ice cream in between. It is round in shape and is in a plastic package. Due to its shape, it can be easily held and eaten. It is a pleasant dessert option that you can easily consume anywhere you want.

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