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Turkish Delights

Turkish Delight

Turkish delight,  is a traditional Turkish dessert prepared with water, sugar, starch and citric acid or tartaric acid or potassium bitartrate, in accordance with its technique, by adding seasonings, dried or dried fruits and similar substances to the delight mass. It was a food that was frequently consumed in the palace kitchen of the Ottoman Period. Turkish delight is made with citric acid, sugar, starch, food coloring and flavoring. Sugar is boiled until it dissolves completely in water. Citric acid and starch are left to dissolve in separate containers. Then citric acid and starch are mixed with sugar water. In this way, it is boiled for a while. When a spoon is dipped into the mixture, it is checked whether it has a sticky consistency, and it is kept in starchy containers for about 20 hours. As a final process, it is shaped and packaged on a hard surface.The lines of the first cookbook contained appetizing information about Turkish delight. The tradition of serving Turkish delight is usually accompanied by Turkish coffee. Turkish delight, which fits well with unsweetened coffee or coffee with sugar, should be absorbed and consumed. Turkish delight, which has recently been consumed instead of sugar during tea hours, becomes a satisfying snack when consumed between biscuits. Although the nutritional values vary according to the material used, there are average values. In 100 grams of Turkish delight: 89.28 gr carbohydrate, 0.12 gr protein, 0.19 gr fat, 0 gr fiber, 0 mg cholesterol, 19 mg potassium, 5 mg calcium, 0.1 mg iron.Turkish delight recipe easy, Lokum is one of the most special and precious values of Turkish cuisine. Turkish delight near me, you can reach the unique Turkish delight by ordering instantly from the Hamlet Market whenever you want.


Turkish delight candies, you can prepare Turkish delights in various ways. Fruit, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, semolina, carrot, pomegranate, lemon, cherry, pasha delight varieties are diversified according to everyone's taste.


Roses turkish delight, put granulated sugar, 3 glasses of water and lemon salt in a six thick steel pot. Let the sugar let it go, it is taken to the stove. It is opened with 1 glass of starch and 1 glass of water. It is poured into boiling syrup and cooked for 35 -40 minutes. Let's add half a coffee cup of rose water and food coloring with the tip of a teaspoon and whisk for 3-4 minutes. A small rectangular tray is put on greaseproof paper, oil is smeared on it, the Turkish delight is poured and the edges are arranged. After waiting for 10 minutes, starch is put on it, after it cools, it is put in the refrigerator and rested for 3 hours.


Turkish delight pistachio, mix the flour and granulated sugar thoroughly in a saucepan. Add milk and beaten egg yolk to it, mix it and cook. After boiling, cook for 3-4 minutes on low heat, stirring. Butter and vanilla are added, mixed and removed from the stove. Sprinkle the coconut generously on the tray. The mixture is spread on the tray. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. It is sliced to the desired size. Plenty of powdered peanuts are taken on a plate. The palms are very slightly wet. Slices are rolled by hand with the help of powdered peanuts. It is placed on a serving plate and rested in the refrigerator.


Turkish delight ingredients, Turkish delight includes honey, fruit syrups and flour in the ingredient list. Turkish delights that delight the palate with these ingredients have been in serious demand. Turkish delight has now begun to be prepared with starch and sweeteners. Older generations can notice the difference between Turkish delight in ancient times and today's delights at the first taste.

What does turkish delight taste like, Turkish delight, whose taste and consistency cannot be imitated due to its difficulty in making, is not only for Turks; A confectionery that has become a cult all over the world.

Best turkish delight, Pistachio Turkish delight is a flavor that is consumed more during the holidays and cannot be satisfied with Turkish coffee. In addition, it is among one of Turkey's touristic values.

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