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Return Policy

Hamle Market imports its products from various countries such as Turkey, and returns are restricted. Hamle Market will provide a full credit for any food or supermarket product that is damaged or unusable because of the shipping and handling conditions. All claims must be made to our customer service within five work days of delivery.

You cannot claim the items that you do not like in package shape or taste. Selections must be in original packaging, intact and unopened. We do not accept returns on perishable items. For non-grocery products please keep all original packing materials and documentation and provide to us.

Please note that shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable unless Hamle Market makes an error in shipping your order or an item is found to be defective (excluding perishable items). Special orders cannot be returned unless they're found to be defective. In the event of out of stock, the customer may request different item(s), equal or lesser value. A note stating the nature of defect must accompany items returned for defects.


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